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2015 documentary films

Citizenfour documentary cover image


Run time00:54:58

This is the story of Citizenfour, an alias for Edward Snowden, the whistle blower who exposed many of the NSA's most guarded secrets VIA encrypted e-mail. As we watch citizenfour online we learn t...

Indie Game: The Movie documentary cover image

Indie Game: The Movie

Run time01:43:06

Following the journey of indie game developers as they create and release their work to the world. This documentary explores what it takes to reveal on only games but themselves to the world.

BBC Horizon - Are Video Games Really that bad? documentary cover image

BBC Horizon - Are Video Games Really that bad?

Run time0045:40

The gaming industry is massive across the world, with more than 1.2 billion estimated to by playing right now. With such a popular industry there was always going to be some controversy against this $...

When we left earth - The Shuttle documentary cover image

When we left earth - The Shuttle

Run time00:48:05

This documentary explores the history of the Space shuttle program which started off with Columbia's maiden voyage on April 12, 1981 which was just the first of many missi...

Universe or Multiverse - Quantum Physics documentary cover image

Universe or Multiverse - Quantum Physics

Run time00:52:30

Are we living in a universe which is finite? If so where does it end and what is beyond that. In this documentary which is based on the book 'the fabric of the cosmos' we explore this incredib...

The secret documentary cover image

The secret

Run time01:29:25

A documentary which looks into and reveals The Great Secret of the universe, a secret which has been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. It is supposedly the key to every one o...

Soaked in Bleach documentary cover image

Soaked in Bleach

Run time01:29:24

Private investigator Tom grant who was hired by Courtney love after Kurt Cobain when missing in 1994. This documentary looks at the investigation from Tom Grants eyes as Cobain's body is foun...

The Story Of Technoviking documentary cover image

The Story Of Technoviking

Run time

Fuckparade, Berlin, 2000. A four minuet video of a man at the techno activism parade was uploaded to Youtube six years later and went viral around the world. The Techno Viking become famous with hundr...

Which Universe Are We In? documentary cover image

Which Universe Are We In?

Run time00:58:40

This documentary explores the idea of multiple universes, and multiple instances of our own universe which are all running at the same time; according to the theory described here there is another uni...

The Inca: Masters of the Clouds - Ep 1 Foundations documentary cover image

The Inca: Masters of the Clouds - Ep 1 Foundations

Run time00:58:45

Episode 1 of 2. Dr Jago Cooper from the British museum travels to Peru and Ecuador to the stunning areas of Machu Picchu and Cuco to look at the beginnings of the great Inca empire. The Inca...

Hearts & Minds documentary cover image

Hearts & Minds

Run time01:52:06

Be ready to be shocked by this hard hitting reality documentory highlighting how America fought the Vietnam war in contast to what they wanted in achieve politically .The back...

Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth documentary cover image

Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth

Run time00:50:32

Planet Earth is the most colouful place that we know of, it is a huge part of what makes our home so special. But what is colour? And how has our peception of it shaped the history of our planet....

Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield documentary cover image

Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield

Run time00:50:29

On a remote North west coast of England, lies one of the most secretive and controversial nucleur plants in the world, Sellafield. For decades its has been shrowded in conspiracy and secrecy...

The Final Frontier documentary cover image

The Final Frontier

Run time00:58:13

For thousands of years humans have wanted to know what is out there in the night sky. Gathering an understanding of our place in the cosmos seems to be a fundamental part of human nature and in the la...

Building Hitlers Supergun documentary cover image

Building Hitlers Supergun

Run time00:46:38

During the height of the second world war NAZI Germany had occupied most of western Europe. The only country that stood in its way was the United Kingdom which was something Hitler desperately wanted...

Willy Messerschmitts Bf-109 documentary cover image

Willy Messerschmitts Bf-109

Run time00:41:59

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 can be classed as the first modern fighter plane. It was a sleek monoplane of all metal construction, with an enclosed cockpit and a retractable landing gear. T...

E:60 Reports: Sepp Blatter and FIFA documentary cover image

E:60 Reports: Sepp Blatter and FIFA

Run time00:45:45

FIFA is a corporation which has seen controversy after controversy for years now. It was only since the FBI raided them in the states that any main stream attention has been focused on exposing t...

Colour The Spectrum Of Science Season 1 Episode 3 – Beyond The Rainbow documentary cover image

Colour The Spectrum Of Science Season 1 Episode 3 – Beyond The Rainbow

Run time00.58.53

In the third episode of this series, Dr Helen Czerski looks at the colours beyond the rainbow and the invisible world of infra-red and ultra-violet. While these wave froms of light are invisble to us,...

Secrets of the Solar System documentary cover image

Secrets of the Solar System

Run time00:59:10

Our solar system in its current equilibrium is a rather quiet and orderly place where the planets are in stable orbits around the sun. New discoveries by astronomers are forcing scientists to rec...

Oscar Pistorius: The Truth documentary cover image

Oscar Pistorius: The Truth

Run time00:56:05

Oscar Pistorious sky-rocketed into fame during the 2012 London olympics after achieving some incredible athletic achievements. Two years later he was in the worlds most watched court case for the murd...


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