Return of the Giant Killers: Africas Lion Kings - documentary

Return of the Giant Killers: Africas Lion Kings
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Lion documentary. Lions dominate the South African plains and are the number one predator for hundreds of kilometres around. In “Return of the Giant Killers: Africa's Lion Kings” we follow a pride of lions as the rainy season begins. A number of dramatic events will happen over the course of the film as the pride turn against one another, fight against another prides for territory. We also see an inexperienced mother who puts her cubs in a life or death situation. After all, this has happened they are still left with the prospect of starving to death if they are not able to face their old foe the elephant. A completely new lion documentary.


Lion facts:

  • For the most part, lions hunt from dusk until dawn
  • Lions can run at speeds of around 81kmph
  • You could hear the roar of a male adult Lion from around 8km away
  • Lions can live for 16 years in the wild and 25 in captivity.
  • Lion scientific name: Panthera leo


Imogen Stubbs
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