Can We Make a Star on Earth? - documentary

Can We Make a Star on Earth?
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British professor Brian Cox asks the question; Can We Make a Star on Earth? Even if we could why would we want to? As we know the sun is the hottest and most violent place in our solar system.


The sun is essentially a giant fusion reactor which produces an enormous amount of energy, in fact, everything bit of energy we consume on Earth has come from the sun at some point.


Fusion takes particles and turns them into pure energy with no waste products other than helium which is completely clean and non-radioactive.


If we could master fusion here on Earth then we would basically have an infinite supply of clean energy and would no doubt move up a notch on the Kardashev scale. In the "Can We Make a Star on Earth?" documentary Brian meets with scientists who are on the forefront of making this technology work and uses the film as an activism piece imploring people to invest into fusion further (a theme he has followed in a number of his science documentaries). Despite the potentially massive benefits humanity, relatively little is spent on making a fusion energy reactor.


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