2009 documentaries

Cosmic monsters

Science Presenter Unknown 2009 01:23:28

Cosmic Monsters: Exploring the most brizarre phenominon that we currently know of in the cosmos. the black hole. There a...

Ray Mears - the forgotten forest

Environment Presenter ray mears 2009 00:58:26

Ray Mears explores the beautiful Northern forest and explains some vital tips to survive in this amazing but potentially...

Do you know what time it is?

Science Presenter Brian Cox 2009 00:59:07

Time seems simple on face value but if you were to actually to describe time then you would quickly realise that it is p...

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdochs War on Journalism

Activism Presenter Robert Greenwald 2009 01:17:08

A documentary which looks into the the news channels owned by Rupert Murdoch; Fox News Channel (FNC) and their reported...

The Cove

Environment Presenter Richard O'Barry 2009 01:31:23

Shallow Water. Deep Secret: A documentary which takes us into the hidden world of the cove. The Cove explores the l...

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Conspiracy Presenter Dylan Avery 2009 01:38:32

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup is a documentary which brings straight to the point information surrounding the 9/11...

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off

Conspiracy Presenter Alex Jones 2009 01:51:23 Unrated

This documentary is presented by the American radio host Alex jones and looks into who Barak Obama is. Alex Jones puts t...

What Makes a Genius

Science Presenter Marcus du Sautoy 2009 00:53:04

Who is a genious and what makes them become one? In this documentary Marcus du Sautoy a professor of mathemathics l...

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

Environment Presenter David Attenborough 2009 00:59:29 Unrated

A documentary about evolution. Earth is the only known planet which sustains life and it does so with a huge abundance,...

The Shock Doctrine

Activism Presenter Naomi Klein 2009 01:18:37

In this fascinating documentary, Naomi Klein expains how the American “free market” policies have come to do...

The Living Matrix

Science Presenter Adam Dreamhealer 2009 01:23:52 Unrated

There is an intricate web of factors that determine our health. The documentary The living Matrix uncovers the science o...

Dispatches: inside Britains Israel Lobby

Conspiracy Presenter Peter Oborne 2009 00:48:27 Unrated

A fascinating documentary exploring how Israel lobby groups fund political propeganda in Britain in support of the...

World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay

War Presenter Robert Powell 2009 00:51:29

How Britain defended itself against the might of the NAZI regime. It was assumed that sooner or later Britain would surr...

Whos Afraid of a Big Black Hole?

Science Presenter Samuel West 2009 00:59:06

Black holes are the strangest things that we know of in the universe precisely because we know nothing about them. What...

The Doors: When Youre Strange

Music Presenter Johnny Depp 2009 01:25:24

A documentary about the American rock band The Doors constructed in chronological order. The Doors formed in Los An...

Ray Mears - Australia: The Red Center

Environment Presenter ray mears 2009 00:22:40

In this edition of Ray Mears Extreme Survival we visit The Red Centre of Australia which is close to Ayer’s Rock,...

Us Now

Activism Presenter Ivo Gormley 2009 01:00:32 Unrated

Mass communication is a phrase that’s been re-defined over the centuries, as tools to transfer what people think,...

Into the Dragons Lair: Nile Crocodile

Animal Presenter Roger Horrocks 2009 00:45:11 Unrated

Nile Crocodile documentary. The African Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is the second largest reptile currently in...

Horizon: 40 Years on the Moon

Science Presenter Brian Cox 2009 00:58:57

Horizons guide to the Moon documentary. Some would argue that the 1960’s and 70’s were when the gr...

Factory City - The Biggest Factory on Earth

engineering Presenter Aidan Devine 2009 00:47:05 Unrated

Factory city is a documentary about possibly the largest factory in the world owned by EUPA and located in China. L...

Capitalism: A love Story

Activism Presenter Michael Moore 2009 02:02:06

Capitalism: A love Story is a 2009 documentary created by the renowned film maker Michael Moore. This film explores the...

The Horizon Guide to Mars

Science Presenter Kevin Fong 2009 00:59:15 Unrated

The Horizon Guide to Mars (first board cast in 2009) is a documentary that looks into the fantastic human strive to find...

No Impact Man: The Documentary

Activism Presenter Colin Beavan 2009 01:31:44 Unrated

No Impact Man, A Documentary film from 2009 that tells the story of author Colin Beavan, who went completely &...

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

Environment Presenter Robert Stone 2009 01:51:09 Unrated

Earth Days is a 2009 documentary about the worlds growing awareness of environmental problems directed by Robert Stone w...


Environment Presenter Glenn Close 2009 01:58:25 Unrated

Home (2009) is a feature length documentary which shows the immense diversity of life on planet Earth using wide angle s...

Sydney Opera House

engineering Presenter Richard Hammond 2009 00:46:12

A documentary about the Sydney Opera House presented by radio host and Top Gear co presenter Richard Hammond. His series...

People of The Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar

society Presenter Garrett Wesley Gibbons 2009 00:47:08 Unrated

People is the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar is a 2009 feature length documentary film that tells the story of Gibralta...