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Objectified is a 2009 art and engineering documentary created by American photographer Gary Hustwit.


The film looks at our close relationship with manufactured objects and those who make them a reality. Objectified takes us behind the scenes to see how some of the coolest tech gadgets in the world are made, showing techniques which are evolving on a daily basis. 

Today more than ever designers are able to an idea from their mind and create a finished product which is close to their vision. These creative ideas have an impact on our lives on an almost constant basis which is one of the main motivations Gary had in making Objectified.


A quote from Gary Hustwit:


One reason that I’m delving into the world of objects in this film is that I, admittedly, am obsessed by them. Why do I salivate over a shiny new piece of technology, or obsess over a 50-year-old plywood chair? What does all the stuff I accumulate say about me, and do I really need any of it in the first place?



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