Louis Theroux Documentaries

Louis Theroux - Mothers On The Edge

In the 2019 documentary Mothers On The Edge, British investigative journalist Louis Theroux spends time in a specialist psychiatric unit which treats mothers experiencing serious mental illness whilst allowing them to live alongside their babies.

Louis Theroux's Altered States: Choosing Death

"Choosing Death" is the second part of British filmmaker Louis Theroux's Altered States three-part documentary in which he spends time with families in the United States who are going through the hardest times of their lives.   There are now six states in the US that allow t[...]

Louis Theroux: UFOs

A legendary 1998 episode of Louis Theroux’s weird weekends, he investigates the weird world of UFO seekers including a group called the Alien Resistance Movement, visits an area of Colorado where numerous sightings have been reported, and then onto to Area 51 which attracts hoards of UFO spott[...]

The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

Drugs Presenter Louis Theroux 2009

World-renowned British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux travels to the city of Fresno, California, also known as the "The City Addicted to Crystal Meth" because it has the highest number of Meth addicts in the US.   Those of you have heard of crystal meth will know it is a de[...]

Dark States Trafficking Sex

In Dark States Trafficking Sex, British broadcaster and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux travels to Huston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States and a place where a huge number of people trafficked through for the sex trade.   It has been estimated that around one in fiv[...]

Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail

Crime Presenter Louis Theroux 2011

  In the 2011 two-part Miami Mega Jail documentary British filmmaker Louis Theroux spends time in Miami-Dade County jail system.   In part one Louis goes to what is known as "the main jail", this is where the most ruthless criminals in Florida are kept before they have a[...]

Dark States Murder in Milwaukee

Crime Presenter Louis Theroux 2017

In Dark States Murder in Milwaukee Louis Theroux travels to the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin which is said to be one of the most divided cities in the United States.   In the film, Louis spends time with the local police department who patrol district 5 which has a homicide rate 12 time[...]

Louis Theroux Transgender Kids

In the documentary “Transgender Kids” Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco to meet with leading medical professionals helping children who believe they were born in the wrong body.    The Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Hospital Louis specializes in Gend[...]

Louis Theroux, Savile (preview)

WARNING – Contains disturbing themes   A couple of years after the huge revelation of Jimi Saviles predatory sex campaign spanning more than 40 years and 15 years after documentary film maker Louis Theroux made a film about his life, Louis returns to find out how he was “[...]

My Scientology Movie (preview)

My scientology Movie is a documentary that many people have been waiting eagerly for since it was first announced more than 2 years ago. This film provides a unique insight into the world of scientology in an indirect manner since the Church would not allow Louis Theroux to record inside it as docum[...]

Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas

ActivismSociety Presenter Louis Theroux 2007 Unrated

Louis Theroux visits Las Vegas, the home of gambling and reveals the side of the city what most people ignore. Many of the people who are gambling in the top Casinos have the idea that they are going to win it big but often end up spending all of their life savings. 

The Most Hated Family in America

Louis Theroux is known for creating some of the most well known documentaries of the last 20 years. He often meets people with unconventional views and finds out in great detail what they are all about in his own unique way which is more often than not extremely funny. In this film Louis meets with[...]

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