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Here you can submit a documentary. Thank you for making an interest in sharing a documentary to Docur. First off we ask that you use the search function (at top of page) to determine if the documentary you want to add is already on the site. If you find it is then awesome; start rating! We have a strict policy of keeping a specific "page" for each doc so that the site is focused and all information can be found in one place.

Docur is for quality documentary films only so please bear that in mind when submitting.


Important: Title must match the docs official name exactly.


Important: Text must be unique: Not located anywhere else on the internet! A good description is required for the form to submit. Feel free to add links to external sources so long as they add information to the documentary in question.

Embed code

Important: Must be a propper embed code or the submission will break and you will have to start over. If you are unsure about how to get an embed code, watch this video