Top 100 popular documentaries

The top 100 most popular documentaries of all time on Docur ranked in order by view count.

1 Before the Flood

NatureEnvironment Presenter Leonardo DiCaprio 2016 00:02:54

Before the Flood is a 2016 documentary about the effects of climate change created by award-winning American Actor/produ...

2 Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

AnimalScience Presenter David Attenborough 2016 00:58:26

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur: Sir David Attenborough is 89 years old and still as fiercely passionate about natur...

3 My Scientology Movie (preview)

TrailersSociety Presenter Louis Theroux 2016 00:02:35

My scientology Movie is a documentary that many people have been waiting eagerly for since it was first announced more t...

4 Restrepo

Military & War Presenter Tim Hetherington 2010 01:33:41

Restrepo, a 2010 war documentary film directed by renowned journalistic filmmakers, Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger w...

5 Planet Earth 2 (preview)

Planet Earth 2 episode 1 – Islands,   exploring the wonderful array of animals that live on b...

6 Gangland: Turf Wars

SocietyCrime Presenter Channel 5 2016 00:47:00

Gangland Turf Wars is the first episode in a two-part documentary series produced by Channel 5, first released...

7 Catfish

Society Presenter Yaniv Schulman 2010 01:27:21

Catfish is a documentary film which was released in 2010 by production companies, Relativity pictures and Rogue pic...

8 Dogtown and Z-Boys

SportHistory Presenter Sean Penn 2001 00:55:31

Dogtown and Z-Boys. A documentary which takes us to the origins of skateboarding as we know it today through the ey...

9 Oasis: Supersonic (preview)

TrailersMusicBiography Presenter Oasis 2016 00:02:06 Unrated

“Oasis: Supersonic” is a documentary directed by Mat Whitecross (The Shock Doctrine 2009) about one of the m...

10 Murder Game: The Life and death of Breck Bednar

CrimeSociety Presenter Katharine English 2015 00:57:51

Documentary telling the story of Breck Bednar a teenage boy who was killed by Lewis Daynes who groomed him online. Breck...

11 Conor McGregor - The Notorious

SportBiography Presenter Conor McGregor 2015 00:49:48

A documentary about Conor McGregor (born 14 July 1988) who only a couple of years ago was collecting soci...

12 The Brain with David Eagleman - 1. What Is Reality?

SciencePsychology Presenter David Eagleman 2013 00:56:45

A new documentary series presented by David Eagleman. This is the first episode in the series which explores how the Bra...

13 Our Queen At 90 (preview)

“Our Queen at Ninety” A documentary about Queen Elizabeth The Second of England in celebration of her 9...

14 Fed Up

The 2014 Fed Up documentary by American journalist Katie Couric investigates why childhood obesity has dramatically...

15 Walking With Dinosaurs

NatureAnimalScience Presenter Kenneth Branagh 1999 03:00:00

Walking With Dinosaurs is a 1999 BBC documentary series narrated by Kenneth Branagh and directed by Tim Haines.  ...

16 Great Barrier Reef With David Attenborough

The First episode in the series, The Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. Back in 1957 David made his first...

17 The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (preview)

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone documentary. The Stone Roses are one of the most iconic Manchester bands of all time...

18 Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated: This feature-length documentary directed by Hannah Lux Davis is about the life of American...

19 Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Mark Riebe (preview)

Crime Presenter Piers Morgan 2017 00:45:00

Broadcaster Piers Morgan interviews serial killer Mark Riebe in this candid documentary. Mark Riebe (56)...

20 The Mask You Live In

Society Presenter Jennifer Siebel Newsom 2015 01:27:00

The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating Ameri...

21 Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (preview)

Biography Presenter Marina Zenovich 2018 00:03:30

Documentary filmmaker Marina Zenovich provides an insight into her new documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside...

22 The Coronation (preview)

In The Coronation documentary, Alastair Bruce presents a fascinating insight into the Crown Jewels of the...

23 Andre The Giant - Larger Than Life (preview)

SportBiography Presenter Jason Hehir 2013 00:02:06

Andre The Giant looks back on the life and career of the world-renowned wrestler André Roussimoff who r...

24 The Act of Killing (preview)

The act of killing, a 2012 documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer and produced by award winning producer Signe...

25 Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

Sexuality Presenter James Rhine 2018

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On: Porn is being viewed at an unprecedented level thanks to revolutions in technology. This do...

26 Demi Lovato: Stay Strong

MusicDrugsBiography Presenter Demi Lovato 2012 00:39:00

"Demi Lovato: Stay Strong" is the preceding documentary to "Simply Complicated", within which Demi L...

27 The Bully Project

Society Presenter Lee Hirsch 2011 01:32:30

The Bully Project: a 2011 documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America. This year over 13 million...

28 Prehistoric Park

Animal Presenter Nigel Marven 2006 05:00:00

Prehistoric Park is a 2006 docu-fiction dinosaur series presented by British wildlife lover Nigel Marven.   T...

29 Trump An American Dream (preview)

PoliticalBiography Presenter Donald Trump 2017 00:47:00

A three-part series about the rise of Donald Trump during the 1980’s until becoming POTUS. The journey of Don...

30 Sharkwater

PoliticalAnimalActivism Presenter Rob Stewart 2006 01:30:00

Sharkwater "The Truth Will Surface" is a 2006 documentary created to help save sharks by advocating a ban on C...

31 Hunting Hitler Season 1

Conspiracy Presenter James Thornton 2015 03:00:00

Hunting Hilter is a 2015 documentary series which focuses on investigating certain conspiracy theories surroun...

32 The Crash Reel

BiographySport Presenter Kevin Pearce 2013 01:33:08

  A documentary about two snowboarding halfpipe legends, Shaun White and Kevin Pearce. Directed by Lucy Wal...

33 Commando: On The Front Line

Military & War Presenter Chris Terrill 2008 06:00:00

Commando: On The Front Line, is a 2014 military documentary series directed by Chris Terril for ITV.   ...

34 The Business of Being Born

SocietyHealth & Medical Presenter Abby Epstein 2008 01:30:00

The 2008 Business of Being Born documentary explores the contemporary experience of childbirth while criticizing the Ame...

35 Louis Theroux, Savile (preview)

WARNING – Contains disturbing themes   A couple of years after the huge revelation of Jimi Saviles...

36 Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1

Science Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2014 01:53:43

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1: We are on the dawn of a quantum age in human history. In this documentary, the theoreti...

37 The Queens Green Planet

The Queens Green Planet, a new 2018 documentary exploring Queen Elizabeth II's endeavours to plant a network of fore...

38 Voyage of Time (preview)

TrailersScience Presenter Brad Pitt 2016 00:01:40

Voyage of Time is a new 2016 science documentary narrated by Hollywood actors Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett examining t...

39 Forces of Nature with Brian Cox: The Universe in a Snowflake

Science Presenter Brian Cox 2016 00:58:30

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox episode 1. The Universe in a Snowflake, the first documentary in a series that looks clo...

40 The Imposter

Crime Presenter Bart Layton 2012 01:38:35

The imposter, a 2012 documentary film about a young Spanish man who made the astonishing claim that he was, in fact...

41 Which Universe Are We In?

Science Presenter Jaye Griffiths 2015 00:58:40

This documentary explores the idea of multiple universes, and multiple instances of our own universe which are all runni...

42 The Immortalist

ScienceTechnology Presenter Dmitry Itskov 2016 00:59:24

BBC Horizon The Immortalist documentary looks into how technology is changing the way in which we perceive the huma...

43 This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

SexualityBiography Presenter Gigi Gorgeous 2017 01:31:00

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, a sobering yet inspirational documentary about Canadian internet personality and glam...

44 Crumb

BiographyArt Presenter Robert Crumb 1994 02:00:00

Crumb, a 1994 documentary about underground cartoonist Robert Crumb who is notable for creating famous works depicting A...

45 Brian Cox Wonders of the Universe - Destiny

Science Presenter Brian Cox 2011 00:52:14

  Why are we here and where do we come from? Brian Cox explores this fundamental question in this documentary. F...

46 After Porn Ends 2

Sexuality Presenter Bryce Wagoner 2017 00:59:00

After Porn Ends 2 is a 2017 documentary which follows the story where the original 2012 film (After Porn Ends) left-off....

47 Do You Trust This Computer?

TechnologyScience Presenter Chris Paine 2018 01:18:07

Do You Trust This Computer? This 2018 documentary by American filmmaker Chris Paine (known for Who Killed the Electric C...

48 Through the Wormhole

ScienceMystery Presenter Morgan Freeman 2010 00:39:02

Through the Wormhole season one, a landmark 6-part science documentary hosted by actor Morgan Freeman, who of course nee...

49 Who Were the Greeks?

HistoryArchaeology Presenter Michael Scott 2016 00:58:53

Who were the Greeks? This two-part documentary series presented by Dr Michael Scott investigates the past of this amazin...

50 Walking with Beasts

Animal Presenter Kenneth Branagh 2001 00:30:00

Walking with Beasts: A revolutionary series that was a follow up to the landmark BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs. Thes...

51 Weiner (preview)

Weiner is a 2016 documentary created by directors, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg about the disgraced New Y...

52 Woodstock

SocietyMusic Presenter Michael Wadleigh 1970 03:35:06

Woodstock: A documentary which gives a full chronicle of the highly legends Woodstock music festival in 1969. In the fil...

53 In the Shadow of the Moon (preview)

History Presenter David Sington 2007 01:23:58

A documentary about the manned missions to the moon. In the Shadow of the Moon follows the story of these historic...

54 Mo Farah: No Easy Mile (preview)

SportBiography Presenter Mo Farah 2016 00:01:12 Unrated

No Easy Mile is the biographical story of one of the most recognizable people in British sport today; Mo Farah. Thi...

55 Gimme Danger (preview)

TrailersMusicBiography Presenter The Stooges 2016 00:02:18 Unrated

Gimme Danger is a 2016 documentary film directed by Jim Jarmusch about the American punk rock band the Stooges. The...

56 After Porn Ends

SocietySexuality Presenter Bryce Wagoner 2012 01:30:00

The lives of pornstars are documented extensively on camera, but what happens when they are not performing? “After...

57 R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes

SexualityCrime Presenter Ben Zand 2018 00:54:33

R. Kelly is one of the most successful R&B artists of all-time, having made popular songs such as "Ignition&quo...

58 Foo Fighters Back And Forth

BiographyMusic Presenter Foo Fighters 2011 01:40:54

Foo Fighters Back And Forth, a documentary about the swift rise to fame of Nirvana in the late 80’s, its demise an...

59 I Am Bolt (preview)

TrailersSportBiography Presenter Usain Bolt 2016 00:02:08

I Am Bolt is a 2016 documentary film created by film makers Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner who are responsibl...

60 Seven Ages of Starlight

Science Presenter Gaby Honsby 2012 01:18:31

This is the epic story of life and death on the largest cosmic scale. By plotting and analysing stars from across t...

61 The Gatekeepers

Military & WarPolitical Presenter Dror Moreh 2012 01:41:00

The Gatekeeps is a 2012 documentary film by Israeli director Dror Moreh about the Israel Security Agency Shin Bet (שירות...

62 Elizabeth: Our Queen

HistoryBiography Presenter Queen Elizabeth II 2018 00:59:00

  Elizabeth: Our Queen is a new 2018 eight-part documentary series about Queen Elizabeth II, narrated by James D...

63 No Impact Man: The Documentary

  No Impact Man, A Documentary film from 2009 that tells the story of author Colin Beavan, who went co...

64 Blackfish (preview)

Blackfish documentary (2013). Keeping large animals such as whales and dolphins is dangerous for both humans and th...

65 Senna

SportHistoryBiography Presenter Asif Kapadia 2010 01:45:44

Considered to be one of the great Formula 1 racing drivers of his generation. This documentary explores Ayrton Senn...

66 The Thin Blue Line

CrimeBiography Presenter Errol Morris 1988 01:54:50

The Thin Blue Line, a 1988 biographical crime documentary by Errol Morris about Randall Dale Adams who was wrongfully co...

67 The Secret Life of Prisons

CrimeSociety Presenter Channel 4 2016 00:50:08 Unrated

Clip available only.   The Secret Life of Prisons is a new 2016 documentary about the world behind bars...

68 Samsara

SocietyNatureMusicArt Presenter Ron Fricke 2011 01:36:38

  Samsara is a documentary that explores the world through images to discover the connection between humanity an...

69 TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard: The story of one of the biggest torrent sites of all time. In this documenta...

70 Attenboroughs Life That Glows

Attenborough's Life That Glows documentary. There are many amazing creatures out there which dazzle and enchant our...

71 The Revelation Of The Pyramids

The Revelation Of The Pyramids: The Pyramids of Giza are a true wonder of the ancient world and indeed the only one to s...

72 The Real T-Rex With Chris Packham

AnimalScience Presenter Chris Packham 2018 00:59:00

Naturalist Chris Packham reveals new evidence about the most iconic dinosaur in the world, the tyrannosaurus rex which w...

73 Walking with Monsters

NatureAnimal Presenter Kenneth Branagh 2005 03:00:00

Walking with Monsters is a 2005 3-part documentary presented by Irish actor Kenneth Branagh which takes us back to a tim...

74 Side by Side (preview)

HistoryArt Presenter Keanu Reeves 2012 01:38:59

Side by Side is a documentary film that explores the usage of two filmmaking processes, digital and film developmen...

75 Forces of Nature with Brian Cox: Somewhere in Spacetime

Science Presenter Brian Cox 2016 00:58:37

Somewhere in Spacetime Episode 2, a 2016 Brian Cox documentary as part of the series Forces Of Nature. In...

76 Requiem for the American Dream

Requiem for the American Dream, a 2010 biographical documentary film directed by Peter Hutchison and Kelly Nyks which fo...

77 Pearl Jam Twenty

BiographyMusic Presenter Cameron Crowe 2011 01:59:00

Pearl Jam Twenty: A documentary directed by American filmmaker and author Cameron Crowe marking the 20th anniversary of...

78 The Bulger Killers: Was Justice Done?

Crime Presenter Channel 4 2018 00:45:00

  A new 2018 documentary which speaks to key individuals who were involved in the James Bulger trial in 1993....

79 The Kon-Tiki Expedition

  The Kon-tiki expedition was a journey led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl with the aim to prove that the...

80 Searching for Sugar Man

SocietyMusic Presenter Rodriguez 2012 01:26:00

Searching for Sugar Man is a 2012 documentary film created by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul about 2 Afric...

81 Joy Division

Music Presenter Grant Gee 2007 01:35:45

A documentary about the famous English Post-punk rock band Joy Division, who formed in Salford in 1976. The fi...

82 The Beatles: Eight Days a Week (preview)

TrailersMusicBiography Presenter Ron Howard 2016 00:00:50

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week is a 2016 documentary directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13) and is a film about quite possib...

83 Red Hot Chili Peppers: Funky Monks

When Flea, Anthony and Slovak formed the Red Hot Chill Peppers back in 1983 I don't think they could possibly h...

84 Aokigahara: Suicide Forest in Japan

Society Presenter Azusa Hayano 2012 00:21:09 Unrated

The suicide forest “Aokigahara” is one of the most infamous places in Japan as hundreds of people go there t...

85 Planet Dinosaur

NatureAnimal Presenter John Hurt 2011 02:51:00

Planet Dinosaur, a six-part documentary series created by Nigel Paterson and Phil Dobree which brings dinosaurs back to...

86 Man on wire

Here we watch the tremendous Man on Wire documentary. A documentation of Philippe Petit's life leading up...

87 Unacknowledged

Conspiracy Presenter Giancarlo Esposito 2017 01:43:00

Unacknowledged, a 2017 feature-length documentary by American filmmaker Michael Mazzola who specialises in exposing secr...

88 The Doors: When Youre Strange

BiographyMusic Presenter Johnny Depp 2009 01:25:24

  A documentary about the American rock band The Doors constructed in chronological order. The Doors formed...

89 KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy

SocietyPolitical Presenter Dan Murdoch 2016 00:59:00

KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy: Dan Murdoch presents a close-up and personal account of the white supremacist g...

90 The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Gaming Presenter Seth Gordon 2007 01:22:38

A humerous and surprisingly compelling documentary following the tale of Steve Weibe, a humble teacher who attempts to b...

91 Freddie Mercury: Who Wants to Live Forever

No footage is available currently.   On Sunday 20th Channel 5 will be launching a new documentary series...

92 Walking with Cavemen

History Presenter Robert Winston 2003 03:00:00

Walking with Cavemen is a four-part 2006 BBC history documentary series created by Nick Green about the history of Human...

93 How to Survive a Plague

How to Survive a Plague is a moving documentary about the global AIDS/HIV pandemic and work by organisations such as Tre...

94 Love and Hate Crime

SocietyCrime Presenter Unknown 2018 00:59:00

  A three-part 2018 BBC series exploring hate crime in the United States.    The first epis...

95 The Final Year (preview)

Trailer for the new film about the final year in office for the Obama Administration from an “insiders” pers...

96 Destination Titan

Science Presenter John Zarnecki 2011 00:58:53

A story about four British scientists who have created a probe which will take a seven year long trip to the largest moo...

97 Attenborough and the Sea Dragon

HistoryAnimal Presenter David Attenborough 2018 00:00:31

  Naturalist Sir David Attenborough is back to investigate a remarkable 200 million-year-old fossil of a gi...

98 Religulous

Society Presenter Bill Maher 2008 01:40:00

The 2008 Religulous documentary by American comedian and political commentator Bill Maher takes a look at the state of r...

99 Everything and Nothing

Science Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2011 00:59:24

Everything and Nothing, a two part documentary series presented by professor Jim Al-Khalili. In the first episode we exp...

100 Grand Prix The Killer Years

Grand Prix The Killer Years: This documetory tells the story of Grand Prix racing in the 1960s and 70s where mechanical...