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cover image for documentary Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur online
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Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur


by 7 people.

Sir David Attenborough is 89 years old and still as fiercely passionate about nature as he ever was. This documentary is about the discovery of an absolutely massive dinosaur fossil in Argentina of possibly the largest animal to ever walk the Earth. David Attenborough visits the archeological dig where the Dinosaur has been in the ground for more than 65million years since the cretaceous period and works with archeologists, paleontologists, anatomy makers and animators to create a full reconstruction of the creature.


The documentary is two years worth of footage covering all of the fascinating discoveries that were made along the way. This is a completely new-found species of giant plant-eating titanosaur preserved in fascinating detail.

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adlion941 year ago

Really liked this.



ben1 year ago

Amazing documentary!