Attenborough And The Giant Elephant - documentary

Attenborough And The Giant Elephant
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World renowned English naturalist David Attenborough uncovers the story of one of the most famous animals of all time; Jumbo. This African elephant arrived at London Zoo in 1865 as a part of a ploy to bring exciting new creatures to the park which would inspire the masses, they exceeded enormously with Jumbo who immediately became a hit with crowds and even Queen Victoria. Unfortunately for the British public he was sold to PT Barnum’s circus in the US and became an even bigger star attracting more than 20 million people during his lifetime.


This gentle giant wowed crowds during the day but by night he would have fits of rage often smashing up his cage. The reason for this and even the death of Jumbo are still a mystery which Attenborough and a team of scientists hope to unravel with unique access to the elephants remains. “Attenborough And The Giant Elephant” follows the fantastic film Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur from last year.

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