2017 documentaries

Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding

SocietySport Presenter Vice 2017

This bull riding documentary created by Vice follows the story of 16 year old Bo Tyler Vocu, a third generation Native American professional bull rider who risks life an limb every time he goes to compete in his sport. Like everyone in the sport he is hoping to make right of passage in becoming[...]

BBC Blue Planet II

BBC Blue Planet II is a follow up to the massively popular 2001 nature documentary series exploring the world's oceans. The series was first shown on BBC One on October 29th, 2017 and is presented by David Attenborough, possibly the most famous naturalist in the world right now.  [...]

Whose Streets? (preview)

Activism Presenter Sabaah Folayan 2017 Unrated

Trailer for the documentary is only available for free currently. Whose Streets? is a 2017 documentary about the Ferguson uprising created by Sabaah Folayan; co-director Damon Davis. It was first shown to the public at the 2017 Sundance film Festival like many other successful documentaries.&nb[...]

Ross Kemp Behind Bars - Inside Barlinnie

The legendary English broadcaster Ross Kemp goes inside HM Prison Barlinnie to find out what it’s like in one of Scotland’s most notorious prisons.   Barlinnie opened in 1882 and currently has a population of over 1500. Until 1969 it was a place for ca[...]

Fighting The Taliban - Real Stories

A documentary about fighting the Taliban presented by Real stories. Sean Langan travels to the war zone of Helmand province to find out how British troops are coping with what has been called an unwinnable war.   This Taliban documentary shows the gritty side of the war in&[...]

Paradise Papers - The Ethics of Tax Havens

Just recently the “Paradise Papers” were released to the public revealing how celebrities, politicians and corporations are avoiding tax laws in their countries of origin by putting their money in offshore tax havens and using various other schemes to avoid tax.   This pa[...]

Louis Theroux Transgender Kids

In the documentary “Transgender Kids” Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco to meet with leading medical professionals helping children who believe they were born in the wrong body.    The Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Hospital Louis specializes in Gend[...]

The House of Jesus Documentary

A 2017 film that puts together evidence showing the house where Jesus potentially lived. This documentary has been placed under society since it is more related towards religion than anything else which is why it is not very well suited for the history section since it is not based on solid facts. T[...]

Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me

Newcastle football legend Alan Shearer investigates whether there is a connection between playing a lot of football and the dementia. This is has been a hot topic in the news recently but is there actually a connection between the two based on solid science? Brain damage is believed to be cause[...]

Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East

History Presenter South Front 2017

A documentary about Hezbollah presented by South Front. Hezbollah is a Shi'a Islamist political party formed in the 1980’s in Beirut, Lebanon with the intent of pushing Islamic nationalism in the country. The name of the movement translates into English as “Party[...]

Bomb Doctors: The Men With Nine Lives

Society Presenter Real Stories 2017 Unrated

This 2017 documentary by Real stories goes behind the scenes of the British Army’s Bomb Disposal Course. With unprecedented access the film shows what technology and skills are needed in the cat and mouse game of bomb disposal.   One mistake and you could be dead making this on[...]

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated: This feature-length documentary directed by Hannah Lux Davis is about the life of American singer, songwriter, and actress Demi Lovato. As the film's title “Simply Complicated” suggests it follows her not so simple life in the public eye and living life[...]

The Rise of Vertical Farming

Environment Presenter Geert Rozinga 2017 Unrated

Cities have been built upwards rather than outwards for the last 150+ years, so it makes perfect sense to use the same practices for growing food. That is exactly what “Vertical farming” hopes to achieve. There are a couple of advantages in doing this other than the obvious spa[...]

Mothers & Lovers - Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

Society Presenter BBC Three 2017 Unrated

A documentary about mothers who are living on the streets of Brighton. The story follows Paige who has just just moved into a hostel and Marie who has recently got addicted to heroin and had her children taken away.

Spielberg (preview)

If you had to think of a movie director in a moment Steven Spielberg is as name which is very likely to come to mind first. He is undoubtedly the most famous person from behind the camera (for his merits) in Hollywood for at least the last 30 years thanks to an impressive array of work from war film[...]

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Mark Riebe

Crime Presenter Piers Morgan 2017

Broadcaster Piers Morgan interviews serial killer Mark Riebe in this candid documentary. Mark Riebe (56) is one of Florida’s most ruthless murderers and is believed to have killed more than 13 women in a period from the late 1980’s to the late 90’s. He was[...]

The Truth About Muslim Marriage

A new channel 4 documentary presented by Dr Myriam François and directed by Anna Hall which looks into whether age-old marriage laws in the UK need to be updated once again. Britain is not the same country as it was 100 years ago and as result there are marriages from many different[...]

Iceland Nation of Bastards

A feature length documentary film about the growing number of children who are born out of wedlock. 

Drugsland Crack Alley

DrugsSociety Presenter Sacha Mirzoeff 2017 Unrated

“Drugsland crack alley” is the first episode in a new series going deep into the drug world of the UK. The documentary is filmed from the point of view of health experts, users, police and drug dealers in Bristol to reveal shocking truths about consumption and sales of ill[...]

The Billion Pound Party

Society Presenter Stacey Dooley 2017 Unrated

Stacey Dooley presents the Billion pound party, a documentary which investigates the DUP following the 2017 general election. In the film she meets with people who support the party with opposing opinions on gay marriage, abortion and policies, revealing that the DUP is still divided[...]

Lifers and Violent Men Behind Bars

A two part documentary series that goes behind the bars of prisons in the UK to interview men who are serving long sentences for violent crimes. Some of the inmates have spent more than half of their life in prison and talk about their struggles often with drugs and other inmates who commi[...]

Gypsy Rose Lowrider Legend

HistorySociety Presenter Hagerty 2017 Unrated

California is known for it’s vibrant car subculture and the most famous of them all is the lowrider scene. This documentary interviews people who started the movement back in the 1960’s and talks about how and why it all happened as well as some of misconceptions associated with the[...]

Smuggling Weed in the Florida Everglades

This 2017 Vice documentary is about the people who were at the forefront of the complex and highly organized drug smuggling network in Florida during the 1980’s. Former pot smuggler Tim McBride travels through the everglades backwaters to explain how they managed to haul in millions of do[...]

Trump An American Dream (preview)

A three-part series about the rise of Donald Trump during the 1980’s until becoming POTUS. The journey of Donald Trump is one filled with risks and plunging into unknown territories, unlike his father who hated risky business decisions. Donald built Trump as a brand showing off[...]

The Sex Robots are Coming (preview)

The first episode for the new channel 4 The Sex Robots are Coming documentary series about “the rise of the robots”. Of course, the first episode would cover how a realistic sex robot is being created by a company in the US because it is the first function of AI we as huma[...]

Baltimore Rising

Society Presenter Sonja Sohn 2017 Unrated

Baltimore Rising: A documentary following police officers, activists, community leaders and gang affiliates, who struggle to hold Baltimore together while keeping crime at record level lows.

Ross Kemp: Libyas Migrant Hell

ActivismSociety Presenter Ross Kemp 2017 Unrated

A shocking documentary created by veteran broadcaster Ross Kemp about the slave trade in Libya. This is a huge problem and has not received nearly enough international attention as it should have done. A very important documentary, the images of which need to be spread around the world in an ef[...]

Attenborough And The Giant Elephant

World renowned English naturalist David Attenborough uncovers the story of one of the most famous animals of all time; Jumbo. This African elephant arrived at London Zoo in 1865 as a part of a ploy to bring exciting new creatures to the park which would inspire the masses, they exceed[...]

The Truth About... Sleep, Are you sleep deprived?

Michael Mosley, journalist and documentary film maker asks the question; are you getting enough sleep? in the truth about sleep. Michael defines what exactly is enough sleep and what happens when you don’t get enough as well as providing surprising solutions to the problem   Th[...]

Through Our Eyes

Jeremy Cook and Andrew Gonzalez interview collegiate professors, psychologists, authors, and Reverends of various religious orders to investigate the question between self and God. What they discover is much more than they had imagined.

The Greater Good - Mind Field - Trolley Experiment

A thrilling new documentary by the popular Youtube science channel Vsauce investigating how people will really react to the “trolley problem”. This thought experiment simply aims to distinguish what people will do in a life or death situation when they are compelled to take action w[...]

Queen: Rock the World

MusicBiography Presenter Queen 2017

A film following Queen band members, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon as they record their album “News of the World” and embark on their USA tour of 1977 to support its release. Their sixth studio album solidified the group from a popular act in the UK to a w[...]

The Age of Aerospace

  A series of films about the tremendous advances in Aerospace technology over the last 100 years by The American company Boeing and other pioneers in the technology. The first episode begins with the first flight by the Wright Brothers who created a fixed-wing craft powered by a bicycle whi[...]

The Boy who started the Syrian War

A Syrian war documentary film about the then 14-year-old Mouawiya Syasneh. Back in 2011, he painted anti-Assad Government graffiti on a wall at his school in Deraa, Syria which according to Aljazeera is what played a large role in the beginning of the civil war in the country.   As o[...]

The Effects Of The Internet

The internet has affected everyone's life in some way or another. This Internet documentary presented by popular Youtube Channel “First documentary” examines both the positive and negative aspects of the web from a pragmatic standpoint. With billions of people using the&nbs[...]

Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream

Simon Sebag Montefiore explores the history of Vienna in this documentary. The largest and capital city of Austria which dominated Europe for more than 1000 years and has been home to Roman Emperors, Mozart, Hilter among many other prominent figures. Vienna is a centre for culture and play[...]

Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants

This documentary is the latest in a series by the great naturalist Sir David Attenborough following Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur and Attenborough And The Giant Elephant.  While in the giant Dinosaur and giant Elephant are massive an ant is tiny, but as a gro[...]

Professor Green: Living in Poverty

Society Presenter Professor Green 2017 Unrated

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) has re-emerged as a documentary filmmaker from a background in rap music. “Living in Poverty,” tells the story of young people growing up in Britain with very little money and facing the possibility of homelessness, something that is happenin[...]

Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs

CrimeSociety Presenter Professor Green 2017 Unrated

Professor Green returns to present a documentary about dangerous and illegal dogs. There is not a week that goes by without learning about someone being seriously injured or killed by a dangerous dog; its a worrying trend which seems only to be getting worse. Often it is the case that people buy dog[...]

Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed?

Is it time to legalise weed? Well, this topic has been on the table for years. For decades governments in the US have treated weed as a drug with the same harmful effects of crack cocaine and Heroin from a legal perspective, however, in recent years Governors such as congressman Trey Gowdy[...]

Diana: In Her Own Words

A documentary about Diana Princess of Wales which sparked controversy when it was first broadcast on Channel 4 in August 2017. Diana: In Her Own Words reveals intimate details about her relationship with Prince Charles and other members of the Royal family through interviews she recor[...]

Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth

Dr Giles Yeo presents Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth, a documentary about the latest craze that has taken the internet by storm; clean eating. The basic principle is that the food you eat can be utilised to rid the body of toxins and provide natural health benefits.   To investigate t[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Young Sex For Sale In Japan

An investigation of Japan’s underage sex problem by investigative journalist Stacey Dooley.

Truth and Lies: The Charles Manson Family

Crime Presenter David Muir 2017 Unrated

  A 2017 ABC “Truth and Lies” documentary hosted by David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas exploring the ruthless Manson Family. The Manson Family, or simply “The Family” was an American cult formed in the late 1960’s led by Charles Manson which became famous[...]

I Am Heath Ledger

  I Am Heath Ledger, a documentary celebrating the life and work of the American actor Heath Ledger through friends family and people who knew the star. It is an intimate story that in-part is shown through the lens of his own camera which provides a seld-seen view of the icon who is globall[...]

Cherry Bomb

SocietyMusic Presenter Mikey Alfred 2017 Unrated

  Cherry Bomb, a documentary directed by Mikey Alfred about the creation the third studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator “Cherry Bomb” which was released in 2015. The film, distributed by Illegal Civ Cinema chronicles Tyler as he writes and records the[...]


Society Presenter Telen Rodwell 2017

  DRIVE, the result of a three year Big hART project filmed on the North West Coast of Tasmania by Australian filmmakers Telen Rodwell, Bronwyn Purvis and Scott Rankin about autocide and risktaking on the roads.

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Mums Selling Their Kids for Sex

SocietyCrime Presenter Stacey Dooley 2017 Unrated

  In "Stacey Dooley Investigates: Mums Selling Their Kids for Sex" Stacey travels to the Philippines where she will stay for a week with Mike, an undercover special agent from ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and follows a secret operation in which HSI hope to arrest sev[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Kids Selling Drugs Online

British journalist Stacey Dooley Investigates Kids Selling Drugs Online is this documentary film.   With a huge crackdown on the online drug trade in the last decade and sites like Silk Road getting busted, one would think that online sales would have taken a dip. They are booming however[...]

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, a sobering yet inspirational documentary about Canadian internet personality and glamour model Gigi Gorgeous and her family.   Giselle Loren Lazzarato is transsexual and was born Gregory Allan. She gained a huge following on social media as she documente[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Canada’s Lost Girls

Crime Presenter Stacey Dooley 2017

In "Canada’s Lost Girls" British journalist Stacey Dooley investigates the disappearance and murder of thousands of girls and women of Canada's indigenous community.   To investigate, Stacey travels to British Columbia and Alberta to find out what on Earth is going on[...]

What the Health

What the Health is a 2007 food & health documentary co-directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn which aims to expose negative health impact of dairy and meat products.   The film is a follow-up to the incredibly successful 2014 documentary "Cowspiracy" which focused on the s[...]

Dark States Murder in Milwaukee

Crime Presenter Louis Theroux 2017

In Dark States Murder in Milwaukee Louis Theroux travels to the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin which is said to be one of the most divided cities in the United States.   In the film, Louis spends time with the local police department who patrol district 5 which has a homicide rate 12 time[...]

Secrets of the Andean Temples: On the Trail of Viracocha

In Secrets of the Andean Temples: On the Trail of Viracocha author, Freddy Silva investigates a megalithic civilisation which existed thousands of years be the Inca.   This civilisation was formed on the shores of Lake Titicaca which spanned over 500 miles to Cuzco. After a great flood wh[...]

The Brit who Tried to Kill Trump

The Brit who Tried to Kill Trump is a 2017 sociopolitical documentary narrated by Adrian Bower about Michael Sandford who attempted to kill the current president of the United States.   In May 2016 Michaels parents in Britain reported to police that he had gone missing in the United State[...]

Army: Behind the New Frontlines

Military & War Presenter David Harewood 2017 Unrated

  Army: Behind the New Frontlines is a 2017 war documentary mini-series narrated by English actor David Harewood (Blood Diamond), which goes behind the scenes of the British Army. Since the Britsh army has not been officially at war for more than 3 years this film shows challenges it faces o[...]

The 21st Century Race for Space

The 21st Century Race for Space: It's an exciting time for space exploration, for not only do we have governmental organisations such as NASA stepping into the cosmic ocean, but independent space companies are popping up everywhere with fresh new ideas. The most notable of which being Space X th[...]

Aamir Khan: The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer is a 2017 political documentary broadcast by Al-Jazeera and hosted by Nina Maria Paschalidou about famous Indian actor Aamir Khan.   Aamir Khan is one of the most influential Bollywood actors having risen to fame during the 1980's. After starring in some of the most[...]

ADHD and Me: With Rory Bremner

  British comedian and TV personality Rory Bremner presents ADHD and Me within which he learns about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).   This condition of the brain affects 3% of the population and Bremner believes he has it. Though a lot still needs to be unde[...]

Becoming Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is an incredibly wealthy man, in fact, he has been in the top 4 richest people in the world for decades with a net worth of over $60,000,000,000. How did he get there from a humble upbringing in Omaha?   The 2017 "Becoming Warren Buffett" documentary by California[...]

After Porn Ends 2

After Porn Ends 2 is a 2017 documentary which follows the story where the original 2012 film (After Porn Ends) left-off.   Bryce Wagoner returns to direct After Porn Ends 2 and investigates deeper into the lives of retired and the oldest working adult movie stars in the world.

Russia’s Hooligan Army

Russia’s Hooligan Army, a 2017 documentary by British filmmaker Alex Stockley von Statzer which explores football hooligans from Russia.   The film raises legitimate points about the safety of foreign fans who will attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup, starting on June 14th. If you have h[...]

Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence

Mystery Presenter Shawn Henry 2017

Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, a 2017 history documentary within which former FBI official Shawn Henry unveils new evidence supporting the Japanese capture hypothesis of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.   Amelia Earhart was an American aviator (possibly the mo[...]

Waterworld Africa

AnimalNature Presenter Tapfuma Makina 2017 Unrated

Waterworld Africa is an eight-part documentary series hosted by Tapfuma Makina which takes us on a safari through Africa, exploring the continents vast array of unique wildlife, and how the presence of water has enabled plants and animals to thrive.   Tidal Forest of Africa. Part one take[...]

Cannabis to Save My Life

In "Cannabis to Save My Life" Patricia Crone, professor of Islamic history at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton attempts to find out if taking Marijuana can really save a life by fighting cancer.   Patricia was diagnosed with lung cancer which had already spread to h[...]

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? Since the turn of the millennium a growing number of children a being referred to gender clinics. Thousands of girls are being encouraged to take the "gender affirmative" approach and change their identity, vice-versa for boys. Is this the right way forwar[...]

Cosby: Fall of an American Icon

Crime Presenter Thandie Newton 2017 Unrated

Cosby: Fall of an American Icon, with the recent revelations from the court hosting Bill Cosby' trial it looks like justice has been served.   This documentary follows the story of the popular 1980's TV show host and the accusations which have been put against him. Currently, Bill[...]

Mysteries of Evolution

NatureAnimal Presenter Shawn Maroney 2017 Unrated

Mysteries of Evolution, a six-part documentary series exploring the amazing journey of the evolution of life on planet Earth over millions of years, the result of which is thousands of diverse species that are specially adapted to thrive in their particular environments.   The film covers[...]

Dark States Trafficking Sex

In Dark States Trafficking Sex, British broadcaster and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux travels to Huston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States and a place where a huge number of people trafficked through for the sex trade.   It has been estimated that around one in fiv[...]

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War, a 17-and-a-quarter-hour long documentary series which explores in great detail many of the most significant events that happened during The Vietnam War.   The series was written by Geoffrey C. Ward and directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. It includes more than 79 witnes[...]

Why Big Oil Conquered the World

Why Big Oil Conquered the World: A feature-length documentary produced by James Corbett who operates the news website corbettreport.com about the history of the oil Industry.   On August 28, 1859, George Bissell and Edwin L. Drake made the first working oil drilling platform in Pennsylvan[...]

The Big Think: How to Live Longer

The Big Think: How to Live Longer, people a living longer than ever. On average a human will live 2.5 years longer year-on-year. But the odds of living to the age of 100 and above are still very slim. Not only because of your body giving up the ghost but the chances of a random event striking you do[...]

Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes our Lives

Gravity and Me The Force that Shapes our Lives: British professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the amazing science of gravity.   Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces in the universe. For while we constantly feel it throughout our lives trotting about Earth, we still cannot understand w[...]

Big Pacific

AnimalNature Presenter Daniel Dae Kim 2017 Unrated

Big Pacific reveals the words largest ocean like never before. The Pacific is truly massive, it covers one-third of Earths surface area and contains the same amount of water as all of the other oceans combined.   The documentary explores some of the Pacific oceans most iconic features and[...]

Egypt's Great Pyramid: The New Evidence

Egypt's Great Pyramid: The New Evidence: The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and for more than 4000 years it was the tallest man-made structure in the world.   It is considered to be one of humankind's best achievements ever. Despite this, ve[...]

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory, a 2017 documentary inspired by the 2005 documentary "Earthlings". While Earthlings focuses on animal rights in the United States many people were claiming that the situation in the UK was much better; to set the record straight this free documentary was made featuri[...]

Mommy Dead and Dearest

Crime Presenter Erin Lee Carr 2017

Mommy Dead and Dearest, a 2017 crime documentary film by Erin Lee Carr exploring the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard in 2015.   On June 14, 2015, Blanchard's body was found on a bed in a pool of blood and had been there for at least a couple of days. Blanchard's daughter, Gypsy Rose,[...]


Slaughterbots, a short documentary film made by Stewart Sugg in response to growing concerns about autonomous weapons, a coalition of AI researchers and advocacy organizations commissioned this disturbing dystopian film.


Unacknowledged, a 2017 feature-length documentary by American filmmaker Michael Mazzola who specialises in exposing secrets, looking at historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced and why.   The film, which features narration from actor Gianca[...]

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough

SocietyDrugsCrime Presenter 2017

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough, a 9-part documentary series looking into the lives of young women who lead a life on the streets of Brighton, England.   In the film, we see how these women, often mothers, cope with homeless life and in some cases struggle with drug add[...]

The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK

SocietyCrime Presenter Zing Tsjeng 2017 Unrated

The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK: There have been nearly 2000 acid attacks reported in London since 2010. These appalling crimes increased rapidly between 2015 to 2016 and today they are still happening on a daily basis. Why are criminals turning to such an abhorrent weapon, and is London really a[...]

How Police Missed the Grindr Killer

On 25th November 2016 Stephen Port was sentenced to a whole life tariff for the murder of four men and multiple rapes, his victim was gay men that he had met through online gay dating sites such as the Grindr app and escort directories, he would kill them by administering a fatal dose of the date ra[...]

Enlightenment Now, The Awakening of Humanity

The world's leading spiritual masters, yogis and gurus explain what enlightenment is and how to attain it. A summary of all the various forms of yoga and meditation, including interviews with such luminaries as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva, the Maharishi and the Maharaj, various[...]

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

Antarctica is the worlds fifth largest continent-spanning a staggering 14 million square kilometres and is the most southerly point on Earth.   This ice-covered landmass features the most inhospitable weather conditions anywhere on the planet with temperatures as low as -89.6°C and wi[...]

The Unknowns

Conspiracy Presenter 2017 Unrated

The Unknowns by Youtube channel LEMMiNO is a 2017 documentary about the history of American UFO research.   Much of this research was undertaken under the name Project Blue Book by the United States Air Force. This series of studies commenced in 1952 and had two primary goals; to determin[...]

A Year in Space

The 2017 A Year in Space documentary follows American astronaut Scott Kelly on his year-long mission onboard the International Space Station (ISS).   One of the main objectives of Kelly's mission was to compare how living in space for such a long time affected his body in comparison t[...]

Dollar Heroes

Society Presenter 2017 Unrated

Dollar Heroes: North Korea runs the worlds most infamous and largest forced labour systems. Due to increased sanctions on the regime, it has increased selling its own people to work as labourers around the world, mainly in China and Russia.   This is all to prop up Kim Jong-un, who has or[...]

Gordon on Cocaine

Drugs Presenter Gordon Ramsay 2017

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay travels around the world, to tell the truth about the global cocaine trade, from the jungles of Cambodia to the streets of Britain. Britain has the largest use of the drug in Europe, which has affected the lives of thousands of people including Gordan personally.