Professor Green Documentaries

Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed?

Is it time to legalise weed? Well, this topic has been on the table for years. For decades governments in the US have treated weed as a drug with the same harmful effects of crack cocaine and Heroin from a legal perspective, however, in recent years Governors such as congressman Trey Gowdy[...]

Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs

CrimeSociety Presenter Professor Green 2017 Unrated

Professor Green returns to present a documentary about dangerous and illegal dogs. There is not a week that goes by without learning about someone being seriously injured or killed by a dangerous dog; its a worrying trend which seems only to be getting worse. Often it is the case that people buy dog[...]

Professor Green: Suicide and Me

Stephen Manderson, widely known by his rapper alias “Professor Green”, explores the serious suicide pandemic that has become a lot worse in recent times, not just in the UK but around the world. The documentary is a personal investigation as Stevens farther took his own life se[...]

Professor Green: Living in Poverty

Society Presenter Professor Green 2017 Unrated

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) has re-emerged as a documentary filmmaker from a background in rap music. “Living in Poverty,” tells the story of young people growing up in Britain with very little money and facing the possibility of homelessness, something that is happenin[...]

Professor Green: Working Class White Men

Working Class White Men is a new Channel 4 documentary created by Professor Green about people in the UK who feel they do not have a voice. In the film, Mr Green visits a far-right rally in Rochdale in response to the growing number of sexual abuse cases in the town and speaks to people who are in s[...]

Professor Green: Hidden and Homeless

A documentary about homelessness in the modern world. professor green sets out to find what the changing ideologies of being homeless in modern world is doing to help people who are trapped on the street. The documentary looks into the harsh, everyday reality that these people face as they slee[...]

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