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Army: Behind the New Frontlines
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Army: Behind the New Frontlines is a 2017 war documentary mini-series narrated by English actor David Harewood (Blood Diamond), which goes behind the scenes of the British Army. Since the Britsh army has not been officially at war for more than 3 years this film shows challenges it faces of fighting while not being at war.


Episode 1 - The Battle for Mosul: The army returns to Mosul where 179 soldiers were killed between 2003 and 2011. They are on a mission, helping the Iraqi army defeat ISIS.


Episode 2 - The New Cold War: In part two the documentary follows the British army as they are stationed in Estonia which is the new front-line in tensions between Russia and Ukraine.


Episode 3 - Keeping the Peace in South Sudan, in part three of Army: Behind the New Frontlines travels to Southern Sudan where the British Army is on a UN peacekeeping mission in the midst of a civil war.

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