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Waterworld Africa - documentary

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About The Documentary

Waterworld Africa is an eight-part documentary series hosted by Tapfuma Makina which takes us on a safari through Africa, exploring the continents vast array of unique wildlife, and how the presence of water has enabled plants and animals to thrive.


Tidal Forest of Africa. Part one takes us to the east coast of Africa to mangrove forest where saltwater meets fresh water.


Lifeblood of the Kalahari. Part two explores the animals of the Okavango Delta, a huge river that winds through the Kalahari Desert.


Urban Penguins. Part three visits a rare colony of African penguins at South Africa's Boulders Beach.


Precious Waters. During the dry winter season on the savanna, life is ruled by water. From gargantuan hippos to nimble antelope, explore how the wildlife of South Africa's lowveld adapt to the harsh conditions of their ecosystem. 

Waterworld Africa Episodes:

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Tapfuma Makina
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