Piers Morgan Documentaries

Confessions of a Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

Crime Presenter Piers Morgan 2018

In the first episode of Confessions of a Serial Killer, Piers Morgan sits down with convicted serial killer Bernard Giles, who opens up about what drove him to slay four young women in the 1970’s.

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Lorenzo Gilyard

  Beloved British broadcaster Piers Morgan returns once again after his infamous liaison with serial killer Mark Riebe in 2017 to make a new biographical crime documentary about American serial killer Lorenzo Gilyard.   In "Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Lorenzo Gi[...]

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Mark Riebe

Crime Presenter Piers Morgan 2017

Broadcaster Piers Morgan interviews serial killer Mark Riebe in this candid documentary. Mark Riebe (56) is one of Florida’s most ruthless murderers and is believed to have killed more than 13 women in a period from the late 1980’s to the late 90’s. He was[...]

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