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If you had to think of a movie director in a moment Steven Spielberg is as name which is very likely to come to mind first. He is undoubtedly the most famous person from behind the camera (for his merits) in Hollywood for at least the last 30 years thanks to an impressive array of work from war films like “Saving Private Ryan” and fantasy films like “Jurassic Park”. There are probably a lot of Spielberg movies that you have not heard of also like the 70’s classic “Duel” which is example of his early work and shows elements of film making that would follow through to future movie such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jaws.


This 2017 HBO documentary “Spielberg” presented by award winning film maker Susan Lacy provides an in-depth look into his work show how it changed over periods in his life. The film also features clips from 30 hours worth of interview film footage with both the man himself and with family members who comment on many of the most famous films over the years.

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