Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? - documentary

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?
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Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? Since the turn of the millennium a growing number of children a being referred to gender clinics. Thousands of girls are being encouraged to take the "gender affirmative" approach and change their identity, vice-versa for boys. Is this the right way forward?


This documentary narrated by John Conroy examines the issue by travelling to Canada to meet with Dr Kenneth Zucker who is one of the worlds leading experts on gender dysphoria (the condition where children are unhappy with their biological sex). He had recently lost his position for speaking out and criticising the notion that children younger than 10-years-old could make such a monumental decision with logic and reason.


As well highlighting critics of gender affirmation, the film also features people who fully support the initiative including transgender activists and number of medical experts who share their opinions.

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