Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed? - documentary

Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed?
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Is it time to legalise weed? Well, this topic has been on the table for years. For decades governments in the US have treated weed as a drug with the same harmful effects of crack cocaine and Heroin from a legal perspective, however, in recent years Governors such as congressman Trey Gowdy have questioned its status. 




While many people feel weed should be decriminalised, it seems that full legalisation is still not supported by the majority of the public. It’s obvious that Cannabis needs more medical testing and if proven to be scientifically beneficial for medicinal uses put into the hands of people who need it. Weed does not come without its side effects and the main argument for keeping it illegal is people will see it as something completely harmless, which is far from the truth.

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Professor Green
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