Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth - documentary

Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth
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Dr Giles Yeo presents Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth, a documentary about the latest craze that has taken the internet by storm; clean eating. The basic principle is that the food you eat can be utilised to rid the body of toxins and provide natural health benefits.


To investigate this further Giles meets with Ella Mills who is a leading figure in the healthy eating movement online and has a large audience on her Instagram account called “Deliciously Ella” which is followed by more than 1 million people. He looks into how much her plant-based diet is based on science and get her opinions on where clean eating is today and what it’s future holds.


It turns out that a lot of promises made by companies about “clean foods” are not all that they are reported to be which leads Giles down a path of pseudoscience to a Californian ranch which the owner is using alkaline foods to treat cancer patients.

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