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Internet documentaries

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

TechnologyInternet Presenter Shane Smith 2016 Unrated

"State of Surveillance", a landmark Vice documentary hosted by Shane Smith about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.   Smith travels to Moscow where Snowden is living to interview the man who revealed hard evidence of a huge program of mass surveillance for the first time. The dig[...]

Do You Trust This Computer?

Do You Trust This Computer? This 2018 documentary by American filmmaker Chris Paine (known for Who Killed the Electric Car?) discusses the benefits and dangers of the technological revolution which is unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis.   We have all seen the movie "The Termi[...]

Cam Girlz

SexualityInternet Presenter Sean Dunne 2015 Unrated

Cam Girlz, a 2015 documentary directed by American filmmaker Sean Dunne which goes behind the scenes of the webcamming cyber world and looks at this line of work from a positive perspective.   Cam girls work on adult cam sites such as the popular or by more direct means per[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Kids Selling Drugs Online

  British journalist Stacey Dooley Investigates Kids Selling Drugs Online is this documentary film.   With a huge crackdown on the online drug trade in the last decade and sites like Silk Road getting busted, one would think that online sales would have taken a dip. They are boomi[...]

BBS: The Documentary

  BBS: The Documentary, an eight-part series directed by Jason Scott about the rise of the revolutionary bulletin board software. It’s a humbling documentary that takes us back to the origins of the internet with people who participated on BBS and those who wrote th[...]


Facebookistan is a study of the site which has the policy to ensure that it's users are "open and connected". With a user base of more than a billion and a half users, this policy has caught on extraordinary well over the last 15 years it's of existence, but is th[...]

Inside the Dark Web

TechnologyInternet Presenter Amanda Drew 2018 Unrated

Decades after the initial launch of the internet as a tool for scientific research it has turned into a whole different beast which is used for surveillance by governments and other, darker organisations. This is of great concern to a lot of people in light of recent events in the news such as[...]

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin, a documentary about one of the most disruptive technologies to come about since the internet was first invented. This open source software started out with a few pioneers who wanted to blur the lines of sovereignty by making a new electronic currency which has now caugh[...]

The Effects Of The Internet

  The internet has affected everyone's life in some way or another. This Internet documentary presented by popular Youtube Channel “First documentary” examines both the positive and negative aspects of the web from a pragmatic standpoint. With billions of people usi[...]

Steal This Film

“Steal This Film” is a two part film documentary about the movement against intellectual property as it stood in 2006/07. Featuring interviews with people who have weighted voices on the internet such as Brewster Kahle ( and others who have been on the front-line of[...]

The Imposter

The imposter watch online. A 2012 documentary film about a young Spanish man who made the astonishing claim that he was in fact the son of an American family who had been missing for the more than three years. This is one of the strangest stories in recent years since the man is either an extremely[...]


Catfish is a documentary film which was released in 2010 by production companies, Relativity pictures and Rogue pictures and distributed by Universal Pictures. This is the story of a young photographer called Yaniv “Nev” Schulman from Michigan who was using the online social network[...]

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

The internet has the power to create both freedom and chaos. This documentary produced by Norton security and directed by Sean Dunne is about the “most dangerous town on the internet”, a quiet town in Romania which has a notorious history as “hackerville” since[...]

Deep Web

“Deep Web”, the story of how the internet in the hands of the wrong people has formed into a dangerous beast that is almost completely invisible. The internet as we know it to day was in fact conceived way back in the mid 20th century by pioneers who wanted to connect [...]

A curated collection of Internet documentaries which are available to watch for free online. Browse, watch, review and rate these documentaries. This is similar to the technology category, however, this is section is dedicated to documentaries related to the internet only (which mainly revolve around the web).