Diana: In Her Own Words - documentary

Diana: In Her Own Words
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A documentary about Diana Princess of Wales which sparked controversy when it was first broadcast on Channel 4 in August 2017. Diana: In Her Own Words reveals intimate details about her relationship with Prince Charles and other members of the Royal family through interviews she recorded privately during the early 1990’s for the first time. She describes her “odd” marriage, affairs and eating disorder Bulimia.


No documentaries about Diana have been so personal and none have been spoken by the Princes herself. It is clear from her own words that there were many things she was not happy about in life and her time in the monarchy was very turbulent. Upon release, this Diana documentary caused a backlash against the Royals and the Queen as she talked about how they treated her, something that was not in the public domain until now bearing testimony for the world-wide love of “The People's Princess”.

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