The 21st Century Race for Space - documentary

The 21st Century Race for Space
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The 21st Century Race for Space: It's an exciting time for space exploration, for not only do we have governmental organisations such as NASA stepping into the cosmic ocean, but independent space companies are popping up everywhere with fresh new ideas. The most notable of which being Space X that has just launched the biggest rocket since the Apollo days on a mission to Mars.


Unfortunately, the payload which amusingly is a Tesa car will never get to the red planet because of an over-burn of its launch vehicle, and will most likely end up in orbit somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. There were so many other achievements made in the Falcon Heavy mission (such as the self-landing rockets) that it really has marked the beginning of The 21st Century Race for Space.


This Brian Cox documentary explores the beginning of the 21st Century Race for Space, through individuals who are throwing everything they have at amazing projects.


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