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About Docur

Essentially Docur is a curated collection of documentary films that are up for critical ratings. Docur is a source which is unbiased and available to everyone around the world, featuring documentaries from a variety of different categories. When we thought about building Docur only a matter of months ago we wanted to make a site which reflected what we wanted as documentary lovers ourselves and we feel that Docur is going in the right direction. As a result we are constantly upgrading the site, from the front end to make a better experience and behind the scene to ensure that Docur will always run smoothly and to abolish those pesky gremlins. The goal of Docur is to provide public understanding first and foremost and that will always be the first priority.

We post fresh documentaries every other day which can be found on the home page of the website. Public submission is also available to promote your own films and share others with the community; The submissions are monitored and approved at our discretion as we want to keep the site as a high quality resource.

There are a number of features on the site which are there to help you find and share your favourite documentary films. Docur is primarily here to allow people share their own opinions. On each documentary page there is a review section and a discussion section.

If you want to find more information about Docur please contact john at docur.co