New documentaries

The Simpsons 20th Anniversary

Art Presenter Morgan Spurlock 2010 00:36:08

A documentary celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic T.V show “The Simpsons”. Morgan...

Secrets of Stonehenge

History Presenter Gail Willumsen 2016 01:01:40

A new 2017 NOVA Stonehenge documentary exploring one of the most mysterious and misunderstood monuments not only in the...

Strange Signals from Outer Space

Science Presenter Frank Drake 2016 59.00

A leap to intelligence, this documentary explores the “strange signals from outer space”. For an extrat...

F Marks the Spot

Environment Presenter Andy Graham 2014 01:16:43 Unrated

This light hearted documentary follows 3 unemployed men as they seek 2.7 million dollars worth of hidden treasure.

My Russian Side

society Presenter Alex Gilbert 2014 00:54:17 Unrated

My Russian Side follows the story of Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert. In 2013 he did a search for his Birth Par...

Be aware and share

Activism Presenter Omid Taslimi 2016 01:35:22

Refugee crisis 2015. A young man wanted to make himself useful and started a wave of empathy. He mobilized lots of peopl...

The Alpha Diaries

War Presenter Yaniv Berman 2007 01:05:39 Unrated

An unprecedented, groundbreaking and voyeuristic look into military reserve life in Israel, this film was shot over a 5...

Hubbles Amazing Journey

Science Presenter modnuts youtube 2011 00:44:00 Unrated

Hubble SPACE TELESCOPES Amazing Journey through space sending back the most detailed images ever of distant galaxies and...

Montauk Chronicles Dark Secrets

Conspiracy Presenter MODNUTS 2012 02:01:55 Unrated

Full documentary revealing the dark secrets reported at montauk’s camp hero airforce base.

The Kon-Tiki Expedition

History Presenter Thor Heyerdahl 1951 00:58:19

The Kon-tiki expedition was a journey led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl with the aim to prove that the ancient pe...

People of The Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar

society Presenter Garrett Wesley Gibbons 2009 00:47:08 Unrated

People is the Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar is a 2009 feature length documentary film that tells the story of Gibralta...

3D Printed Guns

society Presenter Erin Lee Carr 2013 00:24:10

With an ever increasing restriction on who can purchase fire arms in the United States there has been a rise i...

Aokigahara: Suicide Forest in Japan

society Presenter Azusa Hayano 2012 00:21:09 Unrated

The suicide forrest “Aokigahara” is one of the most infamous places in Japan as hundreds of people go there...

CIA Secret Experiments

History Presenter John Benjamin Hickey 2007 00:50:13

A 2007 National Geographic about CIA Secret Experiments, during the mid 20th century the United States Central...

The Coming War on China

Conspiracy Presenter John Pilger 2016 00:12:04

A discussion about the documentary, which will be aired on Russia Today.   With the threat of war coming from...

Audrie & Daisy

society Presenter Bonni Cohen 2016 01:37:51 Unrated

Audrie & Daisy is a 2016 documentary created by directors, Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk about the effects of online bul...

Sydney Opera House

engineering Presenter Richard Hammond 2009 00:46:12

A documentary about the Sydney Opera House presented by radio host and Top Gear co presenter Richard Hammond. His series...

The Eagle Huntress

society Presenter Daisy Ridley 2016 00:01:40 Unrated

Trailer – The Eagle Huntress will be released in mid December 2016.   The Eagle Huntress follows t...