Drugs documentaries

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

DrugsCrime Presenter Matthew Cooke 2012 Unrated

The 2012 How to Make Money Selling Drugs documentary by American filmmaker and activist Matthew Cooke shows ten easy steps to making lots of money from illegal narcotics.   The documentary features a number of prominent people including, Wood Harrelson, 50 Cent and Marshall Mathers as wel[...]

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough

SocietyDrugsCrime Presenter 2017 Unrated

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough, a 9-part documentary series looking into the lives of young women who lead a life on the streets of Brighton, England.   In the film, we see how these women, often mothers, cope with homeless life and in some cases struggle with drug add[...]

Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery

BiographyDrugs Presenter Russell Brand 2012 Unrated

British comedian Russell Brand is one of the most well-known celebrities to have survived a life-threatening heroin addiction.   This deeply personal documentary tells the story of Russell's addiction to recovery, how he managed to get clean, stay clean and turn his life completely ar[...]

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, a debut documentary by Canadian filmmaker Brett Harvey about the growth, sale and trafficking of Cannabis.   The film primarily focuses on the illegal trade between British Columbia and the United States. The money to be made from shipping Cann[...]

The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

Drugs Presenter Louis Theroux 2009 Unrated

World-renowned British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux travels to the city of Fresno, California, also known as the "The City Addicted to Crystal Meth" because it has the highest number of Meth addicts in the US.   Those of you have heard of crystal meth will know it is a de[...]

The Culture High

DrugsCrime Presenter Brett Harvey 2014 Unrated

The Culture High examines the modern day prohibition of marijuana to provide an insight into the truths and lies behind both for and against legalising it.   The film was created by Canadian filmmaker Brett Harvey whos debut 2007 documentary "The Union: The Business Behind Getting Hi[...]

All This Mayhem

DrugsSport Presenter Eddie Martin 2014 Unrated

All This Mayhem, a 2014 documentary by filmmaker Eddie Martin which tells a brutally frank story of what happens when raw talent, drugs and extreme personalities collide.   This film follows Tas and Ben Pappas, two brothers whos charisma and dedication took them to the top of their sport,[...]

Mexico's Streets of Blood

Mexico's Streets of Blood: In 2017 Mexico's drug-related murders reached a record high with nearly 30,000 people killed that year.   To investigate the seriousness of the situation British journalist Clive Myrie travels to the coastal city of Acapulco, a notorious city known for b[...]

Cannabis to Save My Life

In "Cannabis to Save My Life" Patricia Crone, professor of Islamic history at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton attempts to find out if taking Marijuana can really save a life by fighting cancer.   Patricia was diagnosed with lung cancer which had already spread to h[...]

Plan Colombia: Cashing In on the Drug War Failure

PoliticalDrugs Presenter Edward Asner 2002 Unrated

Plan Colombia: Cashing In on the Drug War Failure, a 2002 documentary film by Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy with narration from American actor Edward Asner (Up) about the battle against the Colombian narcotics trade.   This war on drugs is primarily headed by the United States who have[...]

Kings of Cannabis

Drugs Presenter Arjan Roksam 2013 Unrated

In the 2013 "Kings of Cannabis" film presented by Vice cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam travels with a team of documentary filmmakers to Colombia in hunt of the countries three rarest strains of weed.   Ajan opened his first cannabis shop in 1993 and today he grows some of the[...]

Crackheads Gone Wild

Drugs Presenter Jarrod Donoman 2006

Crackheads Gone Wild, an extremely shocking documentary by American filmmaker Jarrod Donoman about crack cocaine addicts in Atlanta, USA.   Crack cocaine, or simply "crack" is an incredibly dangerous drug, for it is not only deadly to take, but anyone in the vicinity of someone[...]

Demi Lovato: Stay Strong

"Demi Lovato: Stay Strong" is the preceding documentary to "Simply Complicated", within which Demi Lovato talks about her struggles with drug addiction, anorexia, self-harming and bulimia and staying strong.   In 2010 she put her entire music career on hold in order to[...]

The House I Live In

Drugs Presenter Eugene Jarecki 2012

  The House I Live In, narrated and directed by Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight, The King) takes an investigative look into the so-called war on drugs in the United States.   The war on drugs has been an enormous endeavour in the US resulting in an estimated 45 million arrests over t[...]