Drugs Inc: Alaska Heroin Rush - documentary

Drugs Inc: Alaska Heroin Rush
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Drugs, Inc. is an ongoing documentary series which runs on the National Geographic channel, it explores global narcotics production and trafficking and features interviews with drug dealers, smugglers, recreational drug users, drug addicts, and law enforcement officers. The series started in 2010 and has run for three series so far.


Alaska Heroin Rush is the second episode of the third series and it first aired in October 2012. Alaska, of all places, has one of the biggest drug problems in America. Alaska has a huge problem with heroin and an even bigger problem with illicit alcohol, alcoholism is tearing apart communities in the state. Due to its isolated location, the supply of drugs can be restricted so the state makes a popular destination with drug smugglers.


The filmmakers meet and film a drug smuggler called ‘Trust’ who explains how he can more than double his money by taking heroin into the state. Trust sells black tar heroin, a thick and pure form of the drug which is notoriously hard on the body of users. We also get to meet Janet a 56-year-old prostitute who turns tricks for a fix, she has been using heroin since she was eleven.

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