1987 documentaries

Living with AIDS

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or more commonly AIDS is a number of different conditions which are caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. This is one of the most feared viruses in the world as there is no known cure as of today. You can be infected with the HIV virus by passing infect[...]

Fourteen Days in May

  Fourteen Days in May, a crime documentary directed by Paul Hamann about the final days of Edward Earl who was executed by gas chamber in Mississippi on May 20th, 1987.    Edward Earl was on death row for the murder of policeman J.T rest and the sexual assault[...]

The Blind Watch Maker

The Blind Watch Maker, a 1987 BBC Horizon documentary film within which English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins challenges the creationism theory.   This documentary is based on Dawkins' 1986 book titled "The Blind Watchmaker" which makes an explanation of evolution b[...]

The Life of Junkie Junior

Drugs Presenter 1987

The Life of Junkie Junior is a cult 1987 documentary which follows the daily routine of 29-year-old heroin addict Junior Rios as he endeavours to sustain his $200 habit through any means possible. Rios lives in the South Bronx, an area which at the time was experiencing a huge crack and heroin epide[...]