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Psychology documentaries

A Tattoo To Change Your Life

PsychologySociety Presenter 2018 Unrated

A Tattoo To Change Your Life is a seven-part BBC3 documentary series following several people who have used transformative tattoos as a way to help them put difficult past memories to bed and look forward to a new chapter in their lives.   Each of the short-format films features a story o[...]


PsychologySpace Presenter 2012 Unrated

The short documentary "OVERVIEW" by Planetary Collective marks the 40th anniversary of the famous Blue Marble photograph taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972.     The above image is easily one of the most famous images ever. It was taken around 29,000km[...]

Secret Life of the Brain

SciencePsychology Presenter Blair Brown 2002 Unrated

Secret Life of the Brain, a 5-part psychology documentary narrated by American theatre, film and television actress Blair Brown which explores several important developmental stages of the human brain.   The film features real human stories, dynamic imagery and information provided b[...]

The Truth About... Looking Good

The Truth About... Looking Good: The cosmetics industry in the UK is worth over £9 billion, selling products which promise to make us look younger, healthier and more attractive. Many of them claim to perform amazing transformations, but how much of what these products claim to do is based on[...]

ADHD and Me: With Rory Bremner

  British comedian and TV personality Rory Bremner presents ADHD and Me within which he learns about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).   This condition of the brain affects 3% of the population and Bremner believes he has it. Though a lot still needs to be unde[...]

Follow Your Nose: Cracking Smell's Code

PsychologyScience Presenter Nina West 2016 Unrated

Follow Your Nose: Cracking Smell's Code is a 2016 documentary hosted by actress Nina West.  "Follow Your Nose" seeks to unlock the secrets of olfaction. How do we perceive smells? What messages do they contain? How do they alter and influence our brain and behaviour?

Redesign My Brain

Redesign My Brain follows Canadian-born Australian Todd Sampson as he attempts to expand the capabilities of his brain.   That very notion may sound utterly ridiculous however pioneering neuroscience and technology is putting us on the doorstep of being able to "redesign" our br[...]

Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games

  Daphne Bavelier is a professor at the University of Geneva, who studies cognitive neuroscience. In this Ted Talk, she presents her case on the effects of video games on the brain.   How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphn[...]

Subconscious War

Subconscious War tackles the concept of the media having an impact on your subconscious through violence and subliminal messages. To see exactly what is going the documentary takes a look at works by British author Aldous Huxley and American author Neil Postman who both feared the ideas pr[...]

The Greater Good - Mind Field - Trolley Experiment

A thrilling new documentary by the popular Youtube science channel Vsauce investigating how people will really react to the “trolley problem”. This thought experiment simply aims to distinguish what people will do in a life or death situation when they are compelled to take action w[...]

Are You Good or Evil?

In this documentary BBC horizon asks the simple yet deep question, are you good evil? It’s something that on face value can be answered easily but it is only with science that the answer is finally being unlocked.  Of course the first place to start when determining whether one is re[...]

Is Seeing Believing?

Is Seeing Believing? An hour-long BBC documentary that brings you into the amazing world of illusions and how they play tricks on the mind. The “tricks” shown in the documentary seem simple and allow the audience to get a sense of how the brain changes what it perceives opposed to what i[...]

Five Steps to Tyranny

Five Steps to Tyranny documentary from 2001. The film explores the ideas behind tyranny and genocide, something that seems to have plagued the human race since the beginning. What causes people to change from civic folk to turning on their own neighbors?; how the unthinkable somehow becomes psy[...]

The Brain with David Eagleman 3 Who is in Control

In Episode 3 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the hidden world of the unconscious, and how big of an impact it has on everything we do and everything we are. We tend to think of the decisions we make as being conscious and fully within our control however almost every decision we mak[...]

A curated collection of psychology documentaries which are available to watch online for free. These documentary films cover a wide variety of topics in the scientific study of the human mind and its functions.