Jim Al-Khalili Documentaries

The Riddle of Einstein’s Brain

The Riddle of Einstein’s Brain, a 2005 documentary presented by British theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili and British neurophysiologist Mark Lythgoe telling the story of how Einstein’s brain was removed at autopsy and then had an extraordinary journey across America in Tupperware cont[...]


Atom, a three-part documentary series by British physics professor Jim Al-Khalili telling the story of how we came to realise that everything was made from atoms.   As scientists discovered more and more about the atom, the stranger and stranger the very nature of reality appeared to be.[...]

Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes our Lives

Gravity and Me The Force that Shapes our Lives: British professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the amazing science of gravity.   Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces in the universe. For while we constantly feel it throughout our lives trotting about Earth, we still cannot understand w[...]

Light and Dark

Light has been used to reveal almost everything we know about the universe because that is what enables us to see the cosmos.   In the 2-part 2013 documentary "Light and Dark", British professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates how we have used light to explore our universe, with a s[...]

Chemistry: A Volatile History

Chemistry: A Volatile History, a science docutrio by the renowned British theoretical physicist, broadcaster and author Jim Al-Khalili about how chemists made discoveries which changed the way we live forever.   Chemistry is the study of how elements behave and with those being the b[...]

The Secret Life of Chaos

  Chaos theory is a mathematical study of how a seemingly chaotic system can be dramatically affected by a very small change, somewhat like a domino effect with infinitely growing magnitude; a change with little weight can over time be amplified into something that controls the whole sy[...]

Science And Islam

  Educator, professor and documentary film guru Jim Al-Khalili explains the fascinating history of science and Islam in this feature-length documentary. To begin this journey you have to go back a very long time to the 8th century where the language of science was born in[...]

The Beginning and End of the Universe

Science Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2016

Respected quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili presents a two-part documentary series about the start and the demise of our universe titled “The Beginning and End of the Universe”. We know that the universe is expanding, this was first observed by Edwin Hubble who actually saw it acceleratin[...]

Everything and Nothing

Everything and Nothing, a two part documentary series presented by professor Jim Al-Khalili. In the first episode we explore the question what is everything? Many people understand the universe as being “everything” but what actually is it and how have how we have come to our understandi[...]

Order and Disorder- Episode 2

Episode 2 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. We are surrounded by both order and disorder. The universe is constantly falling into a disorderly state and this has been happening since the big bang when universally, molecules were in a much more or[...]

Order and Disorder- Episode 1

Episode 1 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. Energy is vital to us all, it powers our cars built the monumental cities that dominate the landscape and has provided us with homes which protect us. You only have to see the images from the international s[...]

Lost Horizons The Big Bang

In this documentary Jim Al Khalili takes us back through 50 years of BBC archive footage to document the history of two competing theories for the beginning of the Universe. However only one of the theories said that the universe “started”; the big bang theory, the name of[...]

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

Discovering and harnessing the power of electricity brought us into the age we live in today. It has been more than three hundred years since it was first discovered in the 17th century by English scientist William Gilbert. In this documentary physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the wei[...]

Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield

On a remote North west coast of England, lies one of the most secretive and controversial nucleur plants in the world, Sellafield. For decades its has been shrowded in conspiracy and secrecy, but for the first time in its history, they have allowed cameras into its grounds. Nucleur Ph[...]

The Hunt for Higgs

A BBC horizon documentary which follows the hunt of the Higgs particle behind the scenes at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The Higgs particle was one of the greatest scientific discoveries of recent times as it was believed to give everything in the universe mass; This discovery was just one[...]

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1

Science Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2014

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1: We are on the dawn of a quantum age in human history. In this documentary, the theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores some of the deepest questions that quantum physics may hold, in respect to what we already know about the universe.   Wha[...]

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