1994 documentaries

Destiny in Space

IMAX Destiny in Space, a 1994 space documentary that gives a tribute to our continued exploration of the cosmos. This was one of the first documentaries that took viewers on board a satellite in space to show the famous shuttle gloriously orbiting the Earth as well as the mission to repair the Hubbl[...]

Hoop Dreams

Sport Presenter William Gates 1994

Hoop Dreams is a 1994 documentary created by filmmaker Steve James (Hampton, Virginia, USA) about two young basketball players from inner-city Chicago who are working towards becoming professional players. The film follows them in their struggle to become established college players which would give[...]

Marilyn Monroe - Life After Death

, A 1994 documentary about the iconic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1st, 1926 in Los Angeles, she starred in 29 films during her career which really kicked off in 1950 after playing Angela Phinlay in The Asphalt Jungle. A film-noir directed by Jo[...]

The Children of God

This documentary is about the infamous The Children of God religious cult which was created in the late 1960’s by David Brandt Berg. In the 1994 film, we hear from a family who was once part of the cult how it was riddled with paedophilia, prostitution and sexual abuse to a[...]

The Conspiracy of Silence

  The Conspiracy of Silence, a 1994 crime documentary film which exposes domestic violence in the US.  Specifically, the film investigates a child abuse ring which involved religious leaders and politicians who flew children to Washington D.C for orgies.   Shortly a[...]

Mysteries of the Bible

Mystery Presenter Richard Kiley 1994 Unrated

  Mysteries of the Bible takes us on a journey through some significant events which are depicted in the Bible.   This documentary series narrated by American actor Richard Kiley was first released in 1994 and ran until 1998. It captures the rich history which is described in the[...]


Crumb, a 1994 documentary about underground cartoonist Robert Crumb who is notable for creating famous works depicting American folk culture from the late 19th century into the early 20th century.   The film chronicles the life and career of Robert Crumb and highlights some of his most we[...]

Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy

Conspiracy Presenter John Pilger 1994 Unrated

Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy is a 1994 documentary by John Pilger uncovering the complicity of the US and UK in the East Timor genocide in regards to the Gulf War.

The Endless Summer 2

Sport Presenter Bruce Brown 1994

The Endless Summer 2 is a 1994 sequel by Bruce Brown to his 1966 surfing documentary The Endless Summer.   The film showcases how surfing has progressed since the 60's, specifically with the rising popularity of shortboards and big wave surfing in South Africa and Costa Rica. As well[...]

The History of Political Correctness

A 1994 C-span documentary examining the history of political correctness, an ideology that expanded in the late 20th century and has continued to expand through the 2010s.   Contrary to popular belief political correctness does not have its roots in 1960s hippy culture, but during the 193[...]