Pandas: The Journey Home - documentary

Pandas: The Journey Home
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Panda documentary. National Geographic presents the film, Pandas The Journey Home, an intimate insight into one of the most iconic animals in the world that is under imminent threat of extinction in the wild. Documentary film makers have been given rare access to the Wolong Panda center which is located in China to show how they are working to help protect this amazing creature’s future.


The Giant Panda or as it is more commonly know the “Panda” is a bear native to South central China and unlike many bears it’s diet consists of 99% of the plant Bamboo despite it being classed as a Carnivore. The Giant Panda’s natural habitat is both in the low lands and mountainous ranges of Southern China however due to deforestation, farming and other human disruptions the panda has been driven to now only live in the mountains in dwindling numbers.


An eye opening documentary which is important because The giant panda is listed as endangered in the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Species.


Facts about the Giant Panda:


  1. Males can weight up to 250 pounds in the wild
  2. Only 1,600 left in the wild
  3. Can live as only as 35 years
  4. Pandas are extremely proficient swimmers


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