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Walking With Dinosaurs
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Walking With Dinosaurs is a 1999 BBC documentary series narrated by Kenneth Branagh and directed by Tim Haines.


The idea for the series came about during the mid-nineties with the resurgent interest in dinosaurs thanks to the release of the highly successful 1993 movie "Jurassic Park" by Steven Spielberg. This six-part series would explore the history of prehistoric life using on-location footage filmed in national parks around the world as well as utilizing an enormous amount of CGI like the movie that inspired it. This was no small undertaking and it took years to put together, ensuring that the visuals were stunning while being as scientifically accurate as possible. Walking With Dinosaurs was a first and to this day there are no dinosaur documentaries like it.


Episode 1 New Blood - Time-period 220 Million years ago - Late Triassic in Arizona. New Blood features some of the more early dinosaur and other creatures. Featured animals are; Peteinosaurus, Coelophysis, Placerias, Postosuchus, Lungfish, Plateosaurus and Dragonfly.


Episode 2  Time of the Titans - Time-period 152 Million years ago - Late Jurassic in Colorado. This episode features some of the largest dinosaurs to ever live. Animals featured; Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Allosaurus, Ornitholestes, Brachiosaurus, Dryosaurus and Anurognathus.


Allosaurus at San Diego MuseumAllosaurus at San Diego Museum


Episode 3 Cruel Sea - Time-period 149 Million years ago - Late Jurassic in Oxfordshire. The title of this episode is somewhat of an understatement as you certainly would not want to be swimming in an of these oceans. The animals featured are; Ophthalmosaurus, Liopleurodon, Eustreptospondylus, Cryptoclidus, Hybodus (shark), Perisphinctes (ammonite), Leptolepis, Rhamphorhynchus, Horseshoe crab and Squid.


Episode 4 Giant of the Skies - Time-period 127 Million years ago - Early Cretaceous in Cantabria, Europe, Brazil and North America. In this episode, we see some amazing flying dinosaurs. Animals featured; Tropeognathus Utahraptor, Dakotadon, Iguanodon, Tupandactylus, Plesiopleurodon, Caulkicephalus, Polacanthus  · Iberomesornis and Saurophthirus.


Large Tropeognathus compared with a 1.8 meter tall person Large Tropeognathus compared with a 1.8-meter tall person


Episode 5 Spirit of the Ice Forest - Time-period 106 Million years ago - Mid Cretacious in Australia. In this episode, we see dinosaurs which lived only a few hundred kilometres from the South Pole and lived for months in darkness. Animales featured; Leaellynasaura, Muttaburrasaurus, Polar allosaur, Steropodon, Koolasuchus Giant weta and Tuatara.


Episode 6 Death of a Dynasty - Time-period 65.5 Million years ago - Late Cretacious in Montana. The Final episode in Walking With Dinosaurs takes us to around the time of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event and features the infamous T-Rex. Animals featured; Edmontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Deinosuchus, Tyrannosaurus, Didelphodon, Dinilysia (snake), Dromaeosaurus, Torosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Thescelosaurus and Triceratops

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