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Walking with Monsters - documentary

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About The Documentary

Walking with Monsters is a 2005 3-part documentary presented by Irish actor Kenneth Branagh which takes us back to a time before dinosaurs.


Using state of the art (as of 2005) CGI and filming techniques the documentary brings back this amazingly fruitful time in history back to life so that this explosion in evolutionary history can be appreciated like never before. The significant time periods are as follows:


Episode 1 - Water Dwellers – time period - 530 million years ago – Cambrian in Chengjiang, China

Episode 2 - Reptile's Beginnings - time period – 300 million years ago: Carboniferous in Kansas United States

Episode 3 - Clash of Titans - time period – 250 million years ago: Late Permian in Siberia

Walking with Monsters Episodes:

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