T.Rex: Warrior or Wimp? - documentary

T.Rex: Warrior or Wimp?
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As kids when we learn about dinosaurs, or first watch Jurassic Park, we are led to believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most ferocious predator of the dinosaur world and the species is usually cast as the psychopathic bully. But is that reputation fair on the T. Rex? He was the largest carnivore, so we know he killed and ate other dinosaurs, but could the T-Rex actually been a bit of a gentle giant?


T. Rex: Warrior or Wimp? Is a 2004 dinosaur documentary which publicises claims from one scientist that the T. Rex wasn’t a ferocious hunter and killer at all, but possibly a meek and humble scavenger. The filmmaker's interview various T. Rex experts from around the world and makes use of the latest computer-generated graphics and floats the idea that the bad boy of the dinosaur world may actually have been one of the good guys.

Animal, Science

Jack Fortune
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