David Eagleman Documentaries

The Brain with David Eagleman 3 Who is in Control

In Episode 3 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the hidden world of the unconscious, and how big of an impact it has on everything we do and everything we are. We tend to think of the decisions we make as being conscious and fully within our control however almost every decision we mak[...]

The Brain with David Eagleman 6 Who will we be

In the final episode of the Brain with David Eagleman, we cast our mind into the future of the brain and ultimately our species. We have discovered that the brain will wire itself accordingly to its enivornment so what does this mean for the future of mankind and the ever changing environment we fin[...]

The Brain with David Eagleman: 5 Why Do I Need You?

In Episode 5 of the Brain with David Eagleman, we look at how the Brain relies on interactions with other brains in order to grow and develop. We are born with social needs and tendencies, and deprivation of this can lead to significant psychological issues in which the brain fails to function norma[...]

The Brain With David Eagleman - 4 How do I decide?

In this episode, we look at the unseen side of the brain and how the unconscious is responsible for almost everything we do that we take for granted. The brain is constantly making decisions and refining information in order to give us the best possible result, this is true for even the simplest and[...]

The Brain with David Eagleman - 1. What Is Reality?

A new documentary series presented by David Eagleman. This is the first episode in the series which explores how the Brain really works to create the reality that we experience in the world. Is the world we live in merely an illusion that are brain simply conjures up to allow us to live in it? These[...]

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