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2011 documentary films

Brian Cox Wonders of the Universe - Destiny documentary cover image

Brian Cox Wonders of the Universe - Destiny

Run time00:52:14

Why are we here and where do we come from? Brian Cox explores this fundamental question in this documentary. From the beginning of the universe around 13.7 billion years ago until now how have we arri...

Into the Abyss documentary cover image

Into the Abyss

Run time01:47:15

Trailer for documentary.   The documentary Into The Abyss takes a look at the triple murder which happened in a small Texas City called Conroe. The murderers Michael Perry and Jason Burkett...

What Is Reality? documentary cover image

What Is Reality?

Run time00:58:12

A BBC horizon documentary which aims to answer a fundamental question: What is reality? Surely this is obvious but when you think about it, it is not as there is a strange world which underlays the no...

Brave New World with Stephen Hawking - Machines documentary cover image

Brave New World with Stephen Hawking - Machines

Run time00:46:08

The first documentary in a series about scientific breakthroughs which are changing the way we live in the 21st century. In this episode professor Stephen hawking, with the help of a number of le...

How Beer Saved the World documentary cover image

How Beer Saved the World

Run time00:43:34

A historical documentary which explores why beer has been fundamental to our societies equilibrium. How Beer Saved the World looks into the origins of beer at the dawn of human history throu...

Interview with a Cannibal documentary cover image

Interview with a Cannibal

Run time00:33:49

On June 13th 1981 a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked into the Bois De Boulonge, a park on the outskirts of Paris, carrying two suitcases. The contents of the suitcases was unknown to the other p...

Samsara documentary cover image


Run time01:36:38

Samsara is a documentary that explores the world through images to discover the connection between humanity and nature. The film was shot in 25 different countries over 5 years to deliver a powerful a...

Star Wars Begins documentary cover image

Star Wars Begins

Run time02:00:19

Star Wars Begins is an unofficial commentary on Star Wars created by film maker Jamie Benning, who has made a number of star wars commentary films in the early 2000’s. The film uses cl...

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity documentary cover image

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

Run time02:54:55

Discovering and harnessing the power of electricity brought us into the age we live in today. It has been more than three hundred years since it was first discovered in the 17th century by Englis...

Jack the Ripper : Prime Suspect documentary cover image

Jack the Ripper : Prime Suspect

Run time00:43:29

The identity of Britain's most notorious serial killer, Jack The Ripper has fascinated crime enthusiast for years. Over the years the finger has been pointed at a number of people including a...

Area 51: I Was There documentary cover image

Area 51: I Was There

Run time00:45:00

Area 51 is a place known to people around the world however very few people know anything about what actually happens there.  The work that takes place at area 51 is so secret projects from more...

Destination Titan documentary cover image

Destination Titan

Run time00:58:53

A story about four British scientists who have created a probe which will take a seven year long trip to the largest moon orbiting Saturn, Titan. Designing and building a vehicle that will travel more...

Faster Than the Speed of Light? documentary cover image

Faster Than the Speed of Light?

Run time00:58:07

As we know the speed at which photons can travel is essentially the “speed limit” within our Universe. To our current knowledge nothing can travel faster than 299,792,458 me...

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace documentary cover image

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Run time03:00:00

A documentary mini series by Adam Curtis which shows that machines have inhabited the human world. As we surf the internet and send text messages it is easy to forget that we are rather quickly becomi...

 Penlee Lifeboat Disaster documentary cover image

Penlee Lifeboat Disaster

Run time00:58:29

This film documents the tragic events of Christmas 1981 when the RNLI lifeboat ‘Solomon Browne’ and her volunteer crew launched on service to assist a ship with failed engines.

Apollo Zero documentary cover image

Apollo Zero

Run time01:00:08

The documentary Apollo Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever walked on the surface of the moon, a conspiracy that has been floating around for years now. The core hypothesis is that the moon in 240...

ScienceNow: Where Did We Come From? documentary cover image

ScienceNow: Where Did We Come From?

Run time00:46:58

In this documentary Neil DeGrasse Tyson looks into the origins of humans here on Earth. we have done a lot in the last few hundred years to understand this thanks to innovators like Charles Darwi...

Married To The Eiffel Tower documentary cover image

Married To The Eiffel Tower

Run time00:45:06

A documentary that follows three woman who are in love with objects. The first woman that we meet is Erika Eiffel who famously married the Eiffel tower, Paris back in 2007. Erika is also in an object...

Everything and Nothing documentary cover image

Everything and Nothing

Run time00:59:24

Everything and Nothing, a two part documentary series presented by professor Jim Al-Khalili. In the first episode we explore the question what is everything? Many people understand the universe as bei...

The Bully Project documentary cover image

The Bully Project

Run time01:32:30

A documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America. This year over 13 million American kids will be bullied online, on the bus, in school and at home. Lets put an end to it. Be...


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