Richard Lintern Documentaries

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - The Fuhrer

  The second part of the 2011 war documentary Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler we take a look at when Hilter actually became "The Fuhrer".   As German economy fell apart in the early 1930's, the Nazi part surged in popularity across the country. In 1933 Hilter became c[...]

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - Becoming Hitler

  Becoming Hitler is part one of a two-part 2011 war documentary "The Rise of Hitler" presented by English voice-over actor Richard Lintern. The Fuhrer of the Nazi Third Reich needs no introduction for his crimes against humanity are some of the most documented of all time. &nbs[...]

How the Universe Works: What Caused the Big Bang?

This documentary looks into what caused the big bang which if we turn back the cosmic clock we would see happened around 13.8 billion years ago. The big bang describes the state of the universe only a couple of femtosecond’s after time started which is a time so close to the beginning of time[...]

A collection of Richard Lintern documentaries.