After Life: The Strange Science of Decay

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About the After Life: The Strange Science of Decay documentary

Presenter George McGavin Category ScienceSpace Year 2011 Watch time 01:16:47

Ever since the big bang the universe has been constantly falling from an orderly state into a disorderly one, according to the law of entropy. This 2011 BBC science documentary explores this simple to comprehend yet strange and consistent property that our universe beholds to answer the question behind “the strange science of decay”. Using special time-lapse cameras to capture decay in action Dr George McGavin shows us that while decay is repulsive to many it is actually vital to the process of nature.


The property of decay revealed in this documentary shows the amazing way in which nature has adapted to use it. The way in which moulds, microbes and insects thrive of this property is seen like never before in mesmerising beauty.



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