Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail - documentary

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Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail
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In the 2011 two-part Miami Mega Jail documentary British filmmaker Louis Theroux spends time in Miami-Dade County jail system.


In part one Louis goes to what is known as "the main jail", this is where the most ruthless criminals in Florida are kept before they have actually been convicted. Despite the inmates being in the trial process, the main section is a violent place where fights break out all the time. Louis meets inmates who have been put on the fifth and sixth floors of the complex who have a track-record of being violent.


Episode 2 of Miami Mega Jail focuses on other parts of the Miami-Dade County jail system. louis meets with people on the Miami-Dade Boot Camp program which gives inmates who are due to be released a better off living a successful life in society by giving them a gruelling four-month Army styled beasting.


On a darker note, Louis also meets criminals in solitary confinement and those who are on death row.


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