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Stoked up in Stoke: Fighting Men

SportSociety Presenter bbc 2015

Stoked up in Stoke: Fighting Men, A documentray about cage fighting which follows two cage fighters from Stoke-on-Trent, England during the tough eight weeks of training, overcoming injuries and battered egos, as they prepare for fight night. As the fight night approches we see that f[...]

K2: The Killer Summit

History Presenter bbc 2014

  K2: The Killer Summit is a documentary film about the 2008 K2 disaster where 11 climbers were killed on the second largest peak in the world, the worst incident to ever to happen there. With dramatic reenactments, real footage of the incident and interviews with many of the people who[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 3. Scotland: Valium Crisis

DrugsSociety Presenter bbc 2016

Drugs Map of Britain - 3. Scotland: Valium Crisis, the third episode in the hard hitting documentary series produced by the BBC. In this film we travel up to Scotland to investigate the Valium pandemic where three quarters of all drug related deaths involve this drug. Valium or as it is sometim[...]

The Last Days of Legal Highs

Drugs Presenter bbc 2016 Unrated

The Last Days of Legal Highs documentary. A film going behind the scenes of two head shops located in Portsmouth selling the controversial and powerful legal highs that replicate everything from cocaine to cannabis. Soon a blanket law introduced by the United Kingdom government will most likely[...]

Last Whites of the East End (preview)

Society Presenter bbc 2016

The Last Whites of the East End documentary. In this film we look at the community of Newham, East London where in the last 15 years more than 70,000 immigrants from around the world have come to live. According to the UK 2011 census this area was the “most culturally” diverse[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 2. Manchester: Heroin Haters

CrimeDrugsSociety Presenter bbc 2016 Unrated

Drugs Map of Britain episode two - Manchester: Heroin Haters. In this documentary we meet a group of men who see that violence is the solution to the growing number of people who are using Heroin in Manchester, England. In the documentary we see how they feel that the people who leave[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 1. Wolverhampton: Getting Off Mamba

CrimeDrugsSociety Presenter bbc 2016

WARNING – Contains mamba heads.    Drugs Map of Britain episode 1. A new series produced by the BBC giving a hard hitting new look at the drugs scene in great Britain. In this documentary we visit the people who are getting high on the legal high “Mamba&rdq[...]

What Is Reality?

Science Presenter bbc 2011

A BBC horizon documentary which aims to answer a fundamental question: What is reality? Surely this is obvious but when you think about it, it is not as there is a strange world which underlays the normal, physical reality. The world of quantum. We still know very little about the quantum world[...]

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