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Genius of Britain: The Scientists Who Changed the World

HistoryScience Presenter stephen Hawking 2010 Unrated

Genius of Britain, a 5-part documentary charting the history of some of Britain's most important scientists and innovators.   The main presenter is Theoretical Physicist & Cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Segments covering scientists in different fields of study are presented by those[...]

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine

Biography Presenter stephen Hawking 2013 Unrated

This is a biographical documentary about scientific trailblazer, Stephen Hawking who sadly died recently.   "Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine", which is directed by British filmmaker Stephen Finnigan and features narration from Hawking himself explores his life in detail[...]

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking brings us fascinating new knowledge about our deadly, awe-inspiring universe which is a symphony of mathematic perfection.   1. The documentary begins with aliens, which is a subject that has been covered by dozens of documentaries. Not many feature[...]

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time

Science Presenter stephen Hawking 1991 Unrated

A Brief History of Time is, of course, based on Stephen Hawking’s seminal work. It attempts to explain almost everything from black holes to E=MC2. This is for anyone who wants to sound like the smartest guy or girl in the room – it’s a fantastic documentary that is based on one of[...]

GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Are We Alone?

Science Presenter stephen Hawking 2016 Unrated

“GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Are We Alone?” The fourth episode in the new documentary series presented by professor Stephen Hawking.  Alike the other episodes Stephen challenges “ordinary people” to work out the likelihood of alien life out there in the universe. See why[...]

GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?

Science Presenter stephen Hawking 2016 Unrated

“GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?” The first episode in a six part documentary series presented by Stephen Hawking. In this film professor Hawking challenges three people to determine if time travel is possible. The fascinating journey of discovery feature[...]

The Hawking Paradox

Science Presenter stephen Hawking 2005 Unrated

The Hawking Paradox: A 2005 BBC horizon documentary exploring the revolutionary yet troubled scientific puzzle: The black hole information paradox. This controversial theory is something that Steven Hawking defended for almost thirty years and gave him the nickname “the most stubborn man[...]

Stephen Hawkings Grand Design: Did God Create the Universe?

In this documentary Stephen Hawking explores whether or not god created the universe. What is the universe and what is our place within it? This question has been embedded in the human mind forever and its based on the idea that there is something greater, a higher being that you could call “g[...]

Brave New World with Stephen Hawking - Machines

The first documentary in a series about scientific breakthroughs which are changing the way we live in the 21st century. In this episode professor Stephen hawking, with the help of a number of leading scientific figures from around the world explores some revolutionary machine technologies[...]

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