Area 51: I Was There - documentary

Area 51: I Was There
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Area 51 is a place known to people around the world however very few people know anything about what actually happens there.  The work that takes place at area 51 is so secret projects from more than 50 years ago are only just being revealed to the public. This documentary interviews some of the people who worked at the secret facility during the 1950’s and 1960’s who can now reveal what things they were working on and the lengths at which the government would go to, to make sure their secrets would stay a secret.


Conspiracy theorists made the facility famous by making claims of aliens and UFO’s but the real purpose during that time period was to develop and test the first breed of stealth reconnaissance aircraft. New technologies are still being worked on at area 51 but we won’t know what they are for a long time.

Conspiracy, History

Christopher Kent
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