Louis Theroux: UFOs - documentary

Louis Theroux: UFOs
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A legendary 1998 episode of Louis Theroux’s weird weekends, he investigates the weird world of UFO seekers including a group called the Alien Resistance Movement, visits an area of Colorado where numerous sightings have been reported, and then onto to Area 51 which attracts hoards of UFO spotters.


Among the weird and wonderful characters that Louis meets on the way are Thor Templar of the Earth Protectorate group, Liz of the Alien Resistance Movement, Chris O’Brien a man who studies apparent animal mutilations, Ron Russell and Shari Adamiak of the Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Glenn Campbell of the Area 51 Research Center, and Robert Shaw of the Blue Rose Ministry. He also meets the Reverend Robert Shaw who claims to be able to contact and channel an extra-terrestrial called Korton.

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Louis Theroux
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