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Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?
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Did We Land on the Moon? This age-old conspiracy theory has been around for decades, put forward by people who are convinced that the US government duped the world into thinking that 12 men had walked on the Moon. This documentary examines much of the evidence put forward to back the idea.


Firstly, what would the motivation be to fake the moon landings? The leading suggestion is that completing such an amazing feat of engineering would assert the US as the world's dominant nation in the midst of the cold war. Russia was planning to send a man to the moon but pulled out of the race as they couldn't give the cosmonauts a reasonable chance of living. Could this have also been the case with the Apollo program?


One thing you have to do is take the ideas published in this documentary and a do a little of your own research to make objective conclusions based on evidence. Some of "evidence" of NASA faking the moon landings here is at best misleading and at worse just plain wrong. One example I can give is at 10:25; the film suggests that craters captured by Russian satellites at area 51 were somehow apart of a film set to make fake moon landing footage.


Totally wrong, this is area 5, the Nevada Test and the crater highlighted is called the Sedan Crater. This was created by a governmental program in July 1962 which was experimenting with nuclear weapons to see if they could be practically used to move Earth for construction projects. The crater is over 200 meters in diameter, 100 meters deep and looks nothing like the moon when you see it from the ground:

Sedan Crater

So yes "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" is certainly an interesting documentary but don't take all of the "facts" at face value.


Mitch Pileggi
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