secret Documentaries

Revealed: The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists


The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists documentary looks into how the Allied forces of Russia, The United States and England were trying to obtain scientific knowledge from Germany in the later days of world war 2. The crumbling German army meant that the only way Hitler stood a real chance of winning back[...]

Area 51: I Was There


Area 51 is a place known to people around the world however very few people know anything about what actually happens there.  The work that takes place at area 51 is so secret projects from more than 50 years ago are only just being revealed to the public. This documentary interviews some of th[...]

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control


Are you controlled? And if so by who and to what extent? The documentary State of Mind: The Psychology of Control tries to answer some of these questions and sheds light on what the implications of control have on you and the public.   State of Mind digs deep into the core of what yo[...]



This documentary is all about connecting the dots. Zeitgeist looks into some of the worlds largest institutions and governments and divides them into their primary parts: Religion: Pagan astrological beliefs which reveals some interesting connections between the ancient world and the moder[...]

The Secret


The Secret: A 2006 documentary by Drew Heriot which looks into and reveals the "great secret of the universe", a secret which has been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. It is supposedly the key to every one of your concerns and offers unlimited joy, health, money,[...]

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