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African Cats
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African Cats is a 2011 documentary film narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by nature film maker Alaster Fothergill (Blue Planet 2001) about two different cat families living on the savannah of Africa, initially released on Earth day 2011 the film was one of the highest grossing documentary films of all time making an estimated $30 million dollars at the box office. A large part of the documentary’s profit was donated to the African Wildlife foundation to help save the lives of animals in Kenya, not long after the original release date of African Cat’s more than a reported 50,000 acres of land had been protected.



African Cats was made by the production Disneynature, and focuses on a family of Cheetah’s and a pride of Lions. Using stunning cinematography of real life events, high production values a well structured story, and music composed by Nicholas Hooper African Cat’s promises to be a “true life adventure”. The feature length documentary was filmed in The Maasai Mara National Reserve, which is a massive game reserve in South West Kenya and one of the last remaining places in the world where you will find Lions, Tigars and Cheeter living in close proximity. 


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