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Big Cats: Series 1
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Big Cats: Series 1, a new 3-part 2018 BBC documentary series narrated by English actor Bertie Carvel (Les Misérables (2012)) which reveals new secrets about big cats using the latest developments in scientific research and filming technologies.


Part 1 follows Lions in Ruaha, Tanzania. Unlike other cats, they are the only ones to live in groups which they use to their advantage in order to capture prey. We also see the Canada Lynx which lives further north than any other cat.


Part 2 centres around the black-footed cat which looks just like a domestic cat and is rarely captured on film in the wild. Using new low-light camera technology "Big Cats" reveals new secrets about this creature.


The final part is about the Cheetah, famous for being the fastest cat in the world. Using specially adapted cameras which are put onto the cats we see intricate details in the way they hunt for the first time.

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