ScienceNow: Where Did We Come From? - documentary

ScienceNow: Where Did We Come From?
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In this documentary Neil DeGrasse Tyson looks into the origins of humans here on Earth. we have done a lot in the last few hundred years to understand this thanks to innovators like Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution which allowed us to understand how we evolved from our early ancestors on the planes of Africa and speared out to the remote and equally inhospitable places in the corners of the world. To truly understand the origins of life on Earth you have to look back to the building blocks of life such as RNA which is a highly simple form of the more commonly known DNA. RNA is made from three simple building blocks; A carbon base, a sugar and a phosphate. But how did these elements become structured in a way that allows them to produce life? Neil DeGrasse Tyson investigates.


The first thing that is shown in the documentary is how these vital elements came to exist. Scientists are pretty confident that for the most part they came locked within comets and asteroids which bombarded Earth in the early days solar system. To investigate we have to go out into the field and examine the ancient meteorites which are some of the oldest rocks on planet Earth. 

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