Arctic Dinosaurs - documentary

Arctic Dinosaurs
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Arctic Dinosaurs: Entering another dinosaur era, this documentary looks at the dinosaurs that survived in frigid, ice regions and asks the question—how did some dinosaurs survive in such drastic conditions? NOVA searches the Alaskan slopes for fossils and clues. Palaeontologists risk their lives in this documentary when they dig a tunnel in the permafrost of Alaska. As with many of NOVA’s documentaries, they pose many questions—such as what did dinosaurs eat in these conditions, how did they survive, and how did they become extinct? As for no one knows for sure, NOVA’s team of experts make possible guesses. The CGI technology is stunning in this documentary and it also provides us with new thoughts and information in the world of dinosaurs. Although the interviewees are not extremely diverse in gender and occupation, they come from all different schools and institutions. This more focused documentary is great as an addition to your dinosaur collection.

Animal, Science

Jay O. Sanders
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