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The Brain That Changes Itself


The Brain That Changes Itself documentary focuses on recent advancement in the science of “Neuroplasticity” which is a concept that allows to greater understand how the brain adapts itself. Traditionally it has always been thought that the human Brian is incapable of repairing itself and[...]

ScienceNow: Where Did We Come From?

2011 Unrated

In this documentary Neil DeGrasse Tyson looks into the origins of humans here on Earth. we have done a lot in the last few hundred years to understand this thanks to innovators like Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution which allowed us to understand how we evolved from our early ancestors[...]

Order and Disorder- Episode 2


Episode 2 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. We are surrounded by both order and disorder. The universe is constantly falling into a disorderly state and this has been happening since the big bang when universally, molecules were in a much more or[...]

Human Universe - What is our Future?


It has been more than 200,000 years since humans like us (homo-sapiens that is) had emerged from the Rift Valley of East Africa. Since then we have lived as a civilization working together to think and create a better, more advanced knowledge of the world around us. Now humans are located[...]

Human Universe - Are We Alone?


Episode number three of the Human Universe presented by Brian Cox which explores a fundamental question that all humans have. In this documentary we debate whether we are alone in the universe or not, the answer to which no matter what it is, is a pretty frightening prospect.   [...]

Human Universe - Why Are We Here?

2014 Unrated

The second documentary in the series Human universe presented by Brian Cox. In this episode we look into a seemingly fundamental yet unanswerable question: Why are we here? To understand this we have to look at the incredible number of complex chance events which have put us here today on planet Ear[...]

Human Universe - Apeman Spaceman


In this documentary professor Brian Cox presents the first out of five episodes of the hit series “Human Universe”. “Apeman Spaceman” is a look into how the fine tuning and almost infinitesimally small chances of time and space made us who we are today, from us even existing[...]

Are We Still Evolving ?


Anatomist Dr Alice Roberts looks into one of the great question about the human species: Are we still evolving. We as humans are the products of millions of years worth of evolution here on earth, but now in the 21st century can we safely say that we have escaped "the survival of the fittest&qu[...]

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